Monday Must-Reads: Are you part of the new "driveby" culture?

 The Psychology of Making Huge Career Jumps.  It's all about psychology folks.  Read this great example.  Also, if you aren't already subscribing to Ramit Sethi's blog, I highly recommend you do.  It's awesome for young professionals trying to get their financial life together.

It's tax time, so I had to post this article on 7 Simple Mistakes that can lead to an audit.

Driveby culture and the endless search for wow. I often think about how our dependence on technology is changing society.  For example, I have a sister who is almost 10 years younger than me.  Her teenage years are completely different than mine because of technology. 

The more we rely on technology, the more we want answers "right now."  The more we search for instant gratification, the more we get a false sense of satisfaction.  Technology makes it easier to walk away from important things because you figure you can quickly replace it.  Technology makes people afraid of the phone and impatient.  We want it all right now.  We can Google the answer to anything, so we don't bother learning.  How do you think our dependence on technology is changing society?

8 Places You Won't find Inner Happiness  To piggyback on the previous article, I think all this technology sometimes makes us more lonely than we would be with out it.  Why?  Because we are so used to being inundated with instant messages, tweets, new emails, and Facebook updates.  If we don't get any, it feels weird.  If we aren't constantly being entertained, we are bored.  We don't know how to just be with ourselves anymore (I can't even get through an elevator ride without my iPhone). 

This article lists 8 places most of us have tried finding happiness, but haven't.  Do you think that technology has changed the way people get happy?  Do you think technology has changed our need for instant "happiness highs"?

Nicole Emerick