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A note from Nicole: To be quite frank with you, I almost didn’t accept the following guest post.  I read the title and the first few paragraphs and thought the concept was hokey. I rarely reject guest posts.

But then I reminded myself of how many great people and friends I’ve met through this very blog.  A blog inevitably leads to great Twitter conversations, LinkedIn connections, emails and then usually an offline coffee meeting.  If it works for your career, why can’t it beef up your dating life too?

Although I haven’t been single since starting this blog, I think Leon’s points are very solid.  Blogging is a very cool way to “screen” and have an excuse to meet your suitors in a no-pressure environment.

In addition, it is my belief that anytime you are doing something you are really passionate about, your passion and positive attitude are contagious.  If you’re happy and passionate, you will undoubtedly attract other happy and passionate individuals into your life.

After reading this post, I’d love to hear what YOU think about blogging as a dating tool!

Take it away Leon…!

If you’re one of the many women trying to balance a career and a love life, you have no doubt found that your “devotion to promotion” has managed to overshadow your search for a soul mate.  Regardless of the fact that you’ve been on a blind date with literally every guy your friends can hook you up with, you can’t seem to find one that is willing to gracefully allow you to interrupt his fond childhood memories to take an important work call in the middle of dinner.

You’ve tried the bar scene, the club scene, and internet dating sites galore with little luck and you’re beginning to wonder if romance will ever come your way!  But don’t despair.  There’s another way to meet the man of your dreams, and it occurs in the blogosphere.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself just exactly how you can meet your perfect mate by blogging.  Indeed, it doesn’t necessarily seem like the forum to post a personals ad.  And yet, people don’t seem to realize that blogging is an ideal format for introduction.

Think about what occurs when you start a blog.  If you’re going to do it right, you have to begin with a subject you’re passionate about.  This is an important first step because if you’re only wishy-washy about your topic it will definitely show in your posts.  Even a good writer can come across as droll when they haven’t an ounce of enthusiasm for the subject matter.  Plus, you’re going to have to invest at least a modicum of your time in fueling a blog, including coming up with topics for posts, so a lack of interest can quickly lead to procrastination and ultimate failure.  So choose something that interests you and get writing.

But so far, you are no closer to finding love.  You’ve started your blog and you’re beginning to see some traffic, comments, a devoted readership, and so on.  You’re having fun and feel like you’re flexing your creative muscles for the first time in years.  As a result, you’re producing some really great content that is 100% you.

Now pay attention, here’s where love rounds the corner and sprints to the finish line.  Someone somewhere is reading your blog.  He’s obviously interested in the topic you have chosen because there he is, posting comments on your articles every day.  You begin responding to him and soon you have started chatting by email.  He’s funny and articulate and he totally gets you!  Over time you start to feel like you know this person pretty well and you discover that you live in the same city.  Are you beginning to see where this is going?

Eventually you meet for coffee, and after making googly eyes over steaming cappuccinos (during which time your phone is actually turned off), you realize that you have met your one true love.  You elope to Vegas, get married by an Elvis impersonator, and go on to have lots of little blogging babies!  Well, perhaps that last stage was a bit accelerated.

The point is, blogging is a great way to put yourself out there, your honest and true self, full of unique ideas and opinions, and really get to know other people.  While posting a blurb on a dating site about how you love min-pins and long walks on the beach is sure to bring a generic fishnet full of guys to your boat, blogging is a great way to introduce the old-fashioned into a world of modern technology.  You can actually get to know people rather than making a snap decision about their love potential from a photo that’s probably fake and a canned list of attributes that tell you nothing about the person inside the packaging.

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  1. I have to say…it’s not that far of a stretch. As a single gal, I’ve actually met a few “potential” suitors through my blog. It’s weird at first, but the truth is, if you’re putting the REAL, authentic you out there and someone else connects with it, that’s a wonderful place to kick off a relationship, whether it’s friendship or something more. Interesting post and not exactly “typical” of what you find here…but I like it!! Thanks for agreeing to put it up Nicole.

  2. I agree that it’s not that far of a stretch. I’ve met so many great people through my blogs and through their blogs, so I can imagine that you could potentially met a mate through blogging.

  3. I think I must agree with Nicole’s original thoughts about this article. Although I agree with Leon to an extent, in regards to blogging being a good way for people to get to know you and learn what you are passionate about, it just seems a little fairytale (ish) to me. Maybe I am being a bit cynical but really what are the odds of this happening. This article reminds me of a time when my grandmother told me to go on a cruise, because her neighbor met a guy on a cruise, which in turn means everyone meets their soul mates on cruises! I see blogs as professional outlet for sharing best practices, advice, and expanding your professional network. By no means am I trying to be rude. I think Leon has a very well written blog article, but I just don’t think this is something that would happen for many…but if it does More Power to YOU!

  4. Thanks for weighing in on the debate ladies. I see both sides to the story but either way, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

    Too funny about your Grandma Jocelyn! I’ve heard similiar stories and for many years thought I’d meet my guy on an airplane!


    • Hey, since I respect women, thought I would seek the advise of women on this topic. I’m not sure if blogging about dating is okay. While I certainly wouldn’t be specific as to who, etc., wouldn’t women mind my thoughts on our date? Wouldn’t they want that private?


      Curious Papa Wondering if This is Okay

  5. Looking for love online can be difficult sometimes, but if you find the right site for you, you are half way there. Before you know it, you’ll be dating Mr. Right!

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