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I’ve been attempting to decorate my cubical for a while now.  Plain grey walls aren’t really my thing, nor is standard office decor.   Although some argue that decorating your cubical is unprofessional, I disagree (well, within reason at least).  If you’re spending the bulk of your week in a cube, then chances are you’ll be way more productive (and way happier!) if you’re surrounded by great desk accessories and an office space that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

Forbes recently wrote an article called “Pimp my Cubicle” suggesting that decorating your cubicle could negatively effect your career. Really?! The article suggests that safe bets for office decor include “the 3 P’s and a C“: photos, plants, postcards and a calendar.

Sounds pretty boring to me.

Career Girls have no fear: See Jane Work is here.

After many unsuccessful internet searches and attempts at decorating my cubical, I found See Jane Work.  Photos, plants and postcards are NOT boring at See Jane Work.  Designers like Lily Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler and Pierre Belvedere allow classy career women to display their professionalism AND personality.  After browsing through SJW, I finally have some office decorating ideas!

Check out some of these cool products!

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  1. I posted a blog entry this morning on Workspace Faux Pas…
    I agree with most of your points. I must say that I have seen some pretty scary cubicles fr people looking to add “personality” to their cube. (Check out my entry). I do agree, when you live at the office, you should add a touch of YOU to it. Some need to use their best judgement and have limits. The accesories that you posted happen to be very chic and tasteful.


  2. Nicole,
    I love the items you show in this post! I don’t think these make you look unprofessional at all. Unprofessional cube items (in my opinion) are unflattering pics of you and coworkers double-fisting on a Friday night, way too many trophies and ribbons (we get it, you’re good at something), a display of meds takend throughout the day (I worked with a lady who kept hers on a spice rack on her desk), etc. But the things you show in this post simply say you care about your work environment so want it to look as “put together” as possible.

    Love it!

  3. Having fun and creative pieces of decor that are ALSO functional (such as notepads and dock organizers) is a great way to blend your creativity with your work ethic. Things that are creative that you use while you work can really open your mind and keep you happy WHILE being efficient and effective in the workplace. Cute, functional stuff is a win/win!

  4. Ok guys, I made the big trip to Target and the craft store to get some cubical decor.

    Decided on a purple theme. Bought ribbon, a little desk lamp, a few picture frames and some scrap book paper. I’ll post a pic when I settle in. I vow not to make it as tacky as it sounds!


  5. Ooh, la la! Excellent cubicle decor tips! I love photos, but recently, the places I’ve worked have been all about limiting the number of personal effects you can have on your desk, so I’ll be looking into some “not-so-personal” decor options, like above. Thanks!

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