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CONGRATULATIONS you got the job!

The night before, it’s almost as nerve wrecking as the moment you first walk into the reception of your new job  and the young fashionista of a receptionist gives you the once over with a sweet smile. It is the frantic search for that pair of patent heels you thought you had once upon a time. The worry if your new camel trench will match your carefully picked smock dress with the beautiful silk shirt that you had to buy and now you’re hoping your first pay check will cover.

Your emotions are all over the place in a whirlwind of nerves and excitement. The task of choosing that perfect first outfit with the right amount of class and sophistication, but still reflecting your personality, is seen as a big chore by most women;  a worry that we would rather not have. After all, the following day is the beginning to the rest of your life… No pressure! But should this really be as stressful as it is?

Work wear is like stylish armour. It protects us from the stresses of our, what seems like, never-ending meetings and ridiculously late nights at the office. It is the professional boost that is necessary to get us through those days.  After all, we spend so long in those clothes, we may as well adore what we are wearing, and this rule should not change for your first day.

Choosing the perfect outfit for your first day should not be scary. It is obviously essential that whatever you choose should be smart and sophisticated with a classical edge. However, by putting a twist of your personality in the finishing touches, it will finish your look successfully and create an individual image that will make you stand out from your new colleagues. You want to be noticed and remembered, to become the talk of the office for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones because as we all know, first impressions are crucial.

Now days, office wear has a huge selection to choose from.

Keep to these simple rules to create the right first impression but still adding some personality:

1.       Never under estimate the power of any accessory, try a statement necklace or neck scarf to create some individuality

2.       Do not over do on colour, one hue will keep the look smart and professional

3.       Make the base of your outfit a monochrome colour pallet but be daring with shades to keep it fresh

4.       Add a camel coat to a darker suit to keep your look vibrant and effortlessly fashionable

5.       Keep clear of tweeds mixed with plaid, you do not want to look like you are there for your first day at school

With these tips in mind, you can now walk in there with a smile on your face and feel confident in yourself by what you are wearing. Show them you definitely mean business.

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  1. This is all great advice! I’ve always grown up with the idea of “beauty is painful.” Good to know it ought to be sensible too! That said, I genuinely hurt from heels. I will wear them simply because they complete the outfit better than other shoes would. What do you think about this? Sorry, it’s a slight tangent but I wanted to know your thoughts!

    • Hi Kovie,
      Beauty has always been called painful! But it shouldn’t be, It should be fun! You could always choose a smart patent brogue with crop leg trousers or a pretty ballet pump with a structured pinafore dress? The shoe doesn’t have to be killer in height but should be killer in style.
      Have fun!

  2. nerve wrecking -> nerve wracking (or racking)
    now days -> nowadays
    over do -> overdo
    colour pallet -> colour palette
    should this really be as stressful as it is? ->

  3. Rather than highlighting spelling mistakes, why don’t we praise how useful and inspiring this piece is. As someone who is about to enter the big scary world of interviews and full time working life in general, having someone directing young professionals who wish to maintain an element of style and decorum in the board room is a breath of freshair; opposing googling images of young girls looking twice their age in stiff tweed suits or boring unshapely uniformed black. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE AND MAKING NEW YOUNG PROFESSIONALS FEEL FASHIONABLE!

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