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I thought there was only one type of dentist- older men with soft voices, salt and pepper hair, often reminding you of your dad or your grandfather. But since I’ve moved to New York I’ve realized that this is not the case at all. Dentist can be big strong gentlemen with a full head of hair, great sense of humor and a beautiful pair of  JCrew slacks. So obviously, I’ve now fallen in love with my dentist.

I first met my dentist one early Tuesday morning when I was diagnosed with a cavity. I was ashamed that I could not have had a better set of teeth for him but I was also excited that I would soon see him again. For our next meeting,  I wore something a bit more presentable, and flossed my heart out. That next meeting, we formed a strong bond, my dentist and me.

I found that my dentist is a considerate man. Before fixing my teeth any further, he asked if I was all numbed up, acknowledging our friendship with a squeeze of my shoulder.

My dentist is a protective man, yelling at the hygienist when there wasn’t enough suction and I choked on my own spit.

My dentist is quite the flirt too. We laughed about his musical choices to accompany his work-  smiling over those bands that we agreed on and rolling our eyes in regards to those that seemed blasts from the past. “Oh Pandora!” I said in mumbled chuckles through the cotton swabs.

But mostly, my dentist is a kind and gentle man. He wiped up my drool for me with a soft swipe of his hand on my cheek and he ignored when I missed the spit cup. So romantic.

His firm handshake and sexy voice only made my attraction to him stronger. And the inability to see an indention of a wedding band through his glove was such a tease.

In my numb stupor I pretended I was reclined back on the couch with him watching the latest episode of Bones, his body so close to my head. I fell back into a joyous haze, my fantasy easily muffling the sound of drills and scrapping metal inside my head.

And then it was all over. We set our next date to meet and he took off his gloves. No ring. An audible sigh from me.

When I told my friends about my hot dentist they told me I should go for him.  Lucky for me, my filling seems to still be sensitive and  I might have to go back sooner than planned. My charm must have distracted him for doing his best work. Or maybe that was his way to lure me back in…

So what do you think? Should I go for him? I’ve been thinking of the worst “dentist-themed” pickup lines ever. All of them are dirty. Seriously- try to think of one that isn’t. Isn’t it difficult??

Have you ever fallen in love with a D.D.S? What about a M.D? What should I do??

Your tips and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Until then, I’ll be daydreaming about my D.D.S….

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  1. As the proud daughter of a dentist, I agree with dentists being great, caring, loving people. However, being the daughter of a dentist, I could never imagine dating one, as it would only remind me of my dad. That being said, my dad has offered to take my biology-major boyfriend under his wing if he ever wanted to go into the family business… so who knows!

    Bottom line, dentists have a special place in my heart- GO FOR IT!

    (also, this is kinda just like Monica in FRIENDS)

  2. Reading your blog from good ol’ rainy Seattle (fun fact: it’s not raining right now), but I think this one translates well coast to coast! We have two brothers in the area who started a dental practice together. Oh, I should mention they’re gorgeous!! I mean, their teeth may very well have that little cartoon sparkle (they are dentists afterall), but seriously, I’m in love. They are also ridiculously expensive, so I’m pinching pennies hoping to find true love a la horizontal teeth cleaning. My friend had the pleasure of getting an appointment in their full lineup and gave me the run down: 1) they’re more gorgeous in person, 2) the entire lobby was crammed full of gorgeous, well-preened, yoga-thin, mostly blonde, women, and 3) did I mention they’re gorgeous? One is married, one is still single!! A girl can keep dreaming, that one day, there might be an opening among the thousands of local suburban moms for a single twenty-something looking for love! Hmm…I think my next routine cleaning is coming up, I think maybe I’ll get that on the calendar!

    Your dentist sounds like a real sweetheart. I mean, any man willing to take such excellent care of you is clearly a winner. Sending you a “you go girl” high five.

  3. Lauren,

    I just got back from the dentist today and don’t ever see myself falling in love with him, lol. While he has handled my sensitive teeth for some 17 years now, I have also helped put his kids through college with his dental bills. I do, however, trust him with my teeth. Well, I have to, given the fact my parents decades ago nearly took out a second mortgage to make sure I had the right braces, got my wisdom teeth out, etc. Since all of my doctors are male, I’m kind of thinking I am not going to find love at the doctor’s office. As I say that, I see there is a lovely young female doctor in the same building as my primary care physician and she specializes in hernia surgeries. Maybe I need to go lift some heavy boxes or over do it a little bit on my next workouts to see if….. Nah, I don’t want to end up one day putting her kids through college too! Loved your article, keep up the great writing.

  4. Ha! Sigh, this brings back fond memories of my old dentist who I so dearly loved, but he moved away. Boo!!! Anyway, after doing much research on whether it’s a cool idea to hook up with your dentist, I’d unfortunately say you should not go for it. If you bring it up you will not only ruin your dreamy bond and fantasy, he could lose his license if he says yes to you, and it might even come off as careless on your part. And then going there won’t be half as fun anymore.

  5. Hey Lauren :D
    I actually found this post when I googled ” I have a crush on my dentist o_O” glad to see that I’m not alone in this.
    I’ve mostly had a terrifying idea about dentists, since one of them almost killed me during wisdom tooth extraction -__-, recently I was advised by one of my friends to go to a certain clinic, its there where I met him.
    In the place I live in, we don’t see men or associate with them, religious and traditional reasons, we cover our faces when we’re out in the streets, so I think you can figure out where I come from (;, we generally learned to live happily with it, but because of this situation, most of us grew too shy of guys, anyway, my dentist is really nice and gentleman, very respectful to all our traditions like how any guy in our society should be, older than me I think with two or three years, according to mom who comes with me to the clinic, I can’t determine his age since I’ve never actually seen his face, I’ve never made eye contact with him, too shy for that, in order to fix my teeth properly, I have to remove my cover in his presence, every time I remove my cover my face is reddish-purple of embarrassment, I can really feel the weight of his gaze on me, mom always told me to not bite my lips in front of him but I can’t help it, when his always warm hands come in contact with my face and I gasp like a fish out of water, he thinks I’m in pain so he pulls his hands away and asks if I’m in pain, all what I can do is to shake my head and try my best to think of anything else aside of his very warm hands.
    once, his nurse wasn’t there, so it was hard for him to balance the suction tube and fix my teeth in the same time, I offered to hold it for him, while working, his hand came so close to mine, I swear that I was praying to God, Oh please, please don’t let us touch, please..please..
    in the end, we did, the warmth of his hand burned mine, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t even find a distraction!! my heart was running a hundred miles an hour and I know its not lidocaine’s fault, it went for a long time and he was so oblivious to it.
    not only the hands, there is that calm warm voice, a voice that makes you feel drowsy and very comfortable, so warm that it reminds me with hot chocolate, he always talk in a gentle soothing tone that makes me feel that everything is going to be ok and nothing in this world would harm me.
    I day dream and fantasize about him a lot, he keeps me awake till late times at night, I didn’t write anything in my thesis from weeks and my supervisor thinks I’m too distracted, I don’t know if this is a mere crush or true love, maybe its just from my side, sometimes I smile to nothing, other times I bury my face to my pillow and my twos would curl in embarrassment if I remembered my time there, what hurts is that I can’t do anything about it, absolutely NOTHING, so, Please Lauren, go for it, for me, for every girl in this world who have a crush on her dentist, or physician or whatever it is, and can’t do anything about it,I Wish You All The Luck In The World. :D

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but being a dentist myself- we are like that with everyone! A dentist with any morality would never date a patient anyway. So what did you do in the end?

  7. Leo- why you have to ruin my fantasy? lol! I have a HUGE crush on mine.. sometimes I feel embarrassed when he sits down in front of me and softly speaks to me about what he wants to see me start doing to make sure I take the best care of my teeth :) but one question- as a dentist. Have you ever had a patient that you really had a crush on and it was hard to do your work because of it? Just curious if it can happen on the other end too :)

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