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I’ve been in need of contacts for a long time.  And by a long time, I mean that I’ve probably been needing them for the last 5 years.  Oops.  Has anyone else out there avoided contact lenses for years?

It started in high school when I couldn’t see the board very well.  Then as the classrooms got bigger in college, glasses and a seat in the front row were a must.  Today I’m cramped up behind my lap top all day so my need for contacts doesn’t seem as crucial…

UNTIL I give a speech and can’t see anyone in the audience…

Or, on the rare occasion that I drive and I can’t read the signs…

Or, when I’m at the grocery store and everything far away seems blurry…

When these things happen, you can bet money that I don’t have my glasses and I probably don’t even know where my glasses are.

I’m pretty sure it’s time for me to get some contact lenses, but I’m a little scared.

Once the ultimate accessory that screamed geek, glasses have come a long way from the old 1980’s thick and ugly jam jars.  In fact, I got the glasses in the picture above because at the time I was convinced they’d make me look like Jennifer Anniston.  I look at this picture now and have no idea where I came up with such a comparison…

My guess is that a majority of people who actually need help with their sight prefer wearing contact lenses over glasses.  As a test, I looked up celebs who wear glasses to see which look I liked better. Turns out that, hands down, I preferred every single celebrity WITHOUT glasses (and presumably WITH contact lenses).

Which celebrities do YOU prefer with glasses?

JenniferGarner in Glasses LindsayLohaninglasses



JustinTimberlake in Glasses


And what’s a post about glasses vs. contacts without the infamous Sarah Palin?!


PS- Anyone know if there are negative consequences to NOT wearing contacts regularly?


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  1. I’m a contacts wearer. If you don’t wear them regularly and you are supposed to it can lead to strains on your eyes, eventually leading to more eye problems.

    I vote JT and Jen Aniston!


    • Good to know… On a different note I think not wearing contacts is causing me serious wrinkles in my forehead… I am ALWAYS squinting. I’d get contacts just to reduce future wrinkles!

      Yes, I agree in these pics Jennifer Anniston and Justin pull of glasses the best!

  2. I’ve been on contacts for 15+ years now (and had glasses since the age of 7), and I prefer them not only for the looks (it’s hard to find glasses that flatter my face), but also because with my terrible vision, contacts give me a better range of vision than glasses (trying to see to the sides requires turning my head, because really, if it’s not in my frame, it’s all a blur). And like Stephanie says above, after wearing contacts for so long, wearing glasses for even one whole day gives me eyestrain and headache (even worse if I’m outside in the sun). I don’t know if there are any warnings against starting with glasses and staying with glasses, though.

    That said, I really love the look of glasses on other people. I wish I could pull them off (and have them be totally interchangeable with contact-wearing days).

    I love Jennifer Aniston’s glasses above, and don’t forget Tina Fey! She looks amazing with or without glasses.

  3. I needed glasses starting in the 3rd grade. By high school I was ready for contacts and loved them. I wore contacts up until I was 26yrs old, now wearing glasses and will NEVER go back to contacts. I’d rather get laser surgery. I ALWAYS had problems with contacts. Whether they were ripping – old school, one year wear, contacts. So I was upgraded to weekly, disposable contacts but always felt like I had sand and grit in my eyes. I was constantly at the eye doctor trying to find a brand of contacts that wouldn’t bother me. I finally decided I was done with contacts and went back to glasses. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented. I guess I have one of those faces made for glasses. I even got prescription sunglasses so I never have to go back to contacts again. Nothing but a pain in my … eyes.

    • See that is what I’m afraid of… that sand and grit in your eyes feeling. I love wearing eye makeup and eye liner too and I worry about that as well.

      From your profile picture I can tell you have an amazing face for glasses! I love the look!!!! Good to know that you’d prefer lasik over contacts, I forgot about that option.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’m an optometrist and wearing glasses or contacts doesn’t hurt your eyes, but uncorrected prescription can cause eyestrain if your eyes aren’t focusing clearly on what you’re trying to see (the computer, traffic signs, books, etc). Depending on if you’re near or far sighted, glasses can make everything look larger or smaller. So some prefer contacts over glasses and vice versa. I switch between glasses and contacts frequently and can notice the differences between them, but as long as my vision is clear I’m happy. Contact lenses can be a little more complicated because different materials and shapes/designs of lenses can affect the comfort and vision you experience. Something that works great for one person may be terrible for another. Talk to your eye doctor and tell him/her what your visual needs are (computer work, distance vision, eyestrain, allergies and itchiness, dry eye, etc.). Good luck with the contacts. And I think wearing glasses occasionally mixes things up and can be a fashion accessory.

    • As an optometrist, would you say that “uncorrected prescription” could cause more forehead and eye-area wrinkles? I am squinting all the time and I swear I have evidence now.

      I agree that glasses are a great fashion accessory regardlessof what you wear day-to-day.

      • I guess more wrinkles are possible. If you’re squinting to help you see better, then I would assume those wrinkles would become more permanent… just like laugh lines and crow’s feet.

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