Inbox DETOX: Clean for 2 Months!

PinkGarbageDrugs?  No!  Booze?  No!  I'm talking about SPAM!  January 1, 2013 I unsubscribed from every single daily email subscription and it has changed my life!

What is life like without the daily emails, you wonder?  Here are the benefits after 2 months, SPAM-free:

  1. CLEAN!  After meditation and a workout, I look at my email each morning and instead of 25+ emails, there are only 5-8 critical emails.  It's overwhelming to see a big number of emails to attack first thing on a Monday.  Now I have a manageable number of emails to knock out, instead of deleting all the crap!
  2. LESS DISTRACTIONS!  Less pop-up emails, more productivity.  Our brains switch gears too much when daily subscription emails pop up ---work to shopping, back to work, to restaraunt browing, making it tough to focus on work after checking out the latest shoe sale on  No more!
  3. MORE $$$!  I'ts INSANE to realize how much we don't actually need.  These websites lure you in because they are time-sensitive and if you don't buy ASAP, it's like you are missing out.  Wrong!  You have enough.  No emails = no extra spending on stuff you don't need.
  4. NO BOXES = no husband yelling at you, "Another box from  Seriously??"  Sucka!  That's right.  No more boxes unless it's a super important purchase.

I feel like I lost 5 lbs in my inbox.  I'm clean and it feels so good!  I HIGHLY recommend an inbox detox ASAP.

TELL ME:  Have you unsubscribed and noticed a big difference?  Are you distracted by emails popping up throughout the day unrelated to work?  Ready to Inbox Detox??  Tell me what you think!