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All You Need To Know About Project Management Jobs

What does a Project Manager do?


To put it simply, Project Managers are in charge of a project. They’re the person in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan. They control the budget, aims, quality, etc. They make sure the project works and that there are no issues. If there are issues, it’s their job to resolve them. They carry out risk assessments to see if everything is safe. Project Managers recruit people to help specifically with the project. Also, they monitor the people working on the project and keep a track of the progress. As with any management role, Project Managers have a lot of responsibilities. To be a successful Project Manager, you need to command respect from your peers. The people working for you will have to trust you know what you’re talking about. You need to be a leader. If you’re shy and don’t work well under pressure, then this is not the job for you!


Can I become a Project Manager without a degree?


Yes and no. It varies based on who is hiring. Some employers will want a degree in a subject related to Project/Business management. If they say it’s essential, then there’s nothing you can do about it. Other employers may hire you based on your experience. You could have been part of a project team once and worked your way up to project manager internally. If they don’t ask for a degree then having previous experience in a similar role will help. You can also look to gain the relative qualifications. There are many Companies which provide PMP Certification such as Simplilearn PMP certifications and GreyCampus PMP Certification. These courses will give you a project manager professional certification.
When you apply for a job, it’s vital you send off the best possible application. Your application could be over before they even read your resume/CV if you have a poor cover letter. So make sure you get your cover letter noticed.


Who hires Project Managers?


Almost anyone. From construction to IT and app development. Anyone with a project needs a Project Manager. This is one of the benefits of pursuing this career path. You can look for work in a lot of different sectors, it’s broad. You aren’t restricted to just one niche market, so job opportunities are greater. Also, you can be a freelance Project Manager, who works for different companies when they need one. By doing this, you get to negotiate your salary depending on where you work. If you work for one company, you could be a PM for a whole year on the same salary. If you’re freelance, your salary could increase depending on who you’re working for. Freelance work is significantly different to full-time, contracted work. If you’re looking to be a freelance PM, then read up on some helpful freelance tips.


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What’s the pay?


Project Managers are reasonably well paid. For someone who undertakes so much responsibility, it’s only fair. Per Salary Explorer, the average monthly salary is 7119 USD. Which translates to above 70,000 USD a year.



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Being a Project Manager demands lots of patience and leadership. If you’re the kind of person who’s highly motivated, it can be a great job. Put yourself in the best position possible by gaining qualifications and experience. You’ll be rewarded for your hard work with a nice, stable, salary.


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