10 Spring and Summer Thriller and Mystery Must-Reads

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Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to search for the perfect poolside book. There are so many great new thrillers and mysteries coming out this year that we cannot wait to get our hands on, so check them out and add a few to your beach tote and your summer reading list! 

A Hex for Danger by Esme Addison 

Aleksandra Daniels is working hard to help out at her family’s business and to help her friend, Celeste, prepare for the Mermaid Festival, all while trying to keep her identity as a water witch a secret. During festival preparation, a new artist, Neve Ryland, comes into town to help paint the mermaid mural with secrets in tow. However, when Neve is found murdered, Celeste is considered the prime suspect. Aleksandra dares to put her secret at risk to clear her friends name and to find the murderer with the help of her magical family. 

The Photographer by Mary Dixie Carter 

Delta Dawn makes a living from taking photos of New York’s elite by editing them to seem like perfect families to their observers. She spends her days hopping from one photo shoot to the next, but when she takes pictures for the Straub family she doesn’t want to leave. Delta finds herself wanting to be part of the family’s glamourous life, so she starts to figure out a plan. From babysitting their daughter to becoming a close family friend, Delta seems to have everything in place until questions are raised and manipulation doesn’t come as easy. 

The Therapist by BA Paris

Alice and Leo are ready to start a new chapter in their life and decide to buy a house in The Circle, a gated community neighborhood in London. Their home seems perfect until Alice tries to make friends with the neighbors. Two years ago, something happened at their new home, but no one is willing to share what. Alice becomes obsessed with trying to figure out what happened to their home and the previous owner, a therapist named Nina. The Therapist is perfect for fans of psychological suspense!

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Tell Me the Truth by Matthew Farrell 

Susan Adler and Liam Dwyer are back for another investigation in the second book of the Adler and Dwyer series by Matthew Farrell. Weeks before Jenny Moore was set to leave for college, she is found murdered in the woods outside her home by her mother. When Susan and her assistant, Liam, come to investigate, stories don’t line up and lies are obviously told. Eventually, Jenny’s entire family and close friends are suspects. This story is filled with multiple twists and turns, so you definitely want to check it out this summer! 

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby

When police come knocking at Ike Randolph’s door, the last thing he expects to hear is that his son, Isiah, and Isiah’s husband, Derek, were murdered. Ike wants to find the killer and avenge his son, especially since Isiah died before his father accepted him for who he was. Derek’s father, Buddy Lee, was never on good terms with his son, with Derek being ashamed of Buddy being a criminal and Buddy being ashamed of Derek being gay. Ike and Derek join forces to face their criminal pasts in order to embark on a journey to find their sons’ murderer and to find the path of acceptance. 

Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson 

After Deidre’s sister, Caroline, is found dead, Deirdre becomes suspicious after finding a message from her sister that was sent days before, predicting her death. Deidre decides to look deeper into her sister’s mysterious message and death, especially since it mentions that Theo, Caroline’s husband, murdered his previous wife but got away with it. She dives deeper into the information and the clues left behind by her sister, finding more disturbing details than the last. However, as she gets closer to the truth, Deidre’s life is threatened, and she must find a way out to save herself and her sister’s name. 

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The Perfect Daughter by DJ Palmer

Grace and her husband, Arthur, found Penny abandoned in the park years ago and took her in as their own. As the years went on, Penny’s different “personalities” emerged, bringing forth disturbing behavior. Convinced it is severe multiple personality disorder, Grace takes Penny to psychiatrist Dr. Mitch McHugh who discovers Abigail inside of Penny. After Penny is locked in a psychiatric ward for murder, Grace is convinced that Abigail is the key to figuring out Penny’s past as well as the murder that was committed. 

Just One Look by Lindsay Cameron 

After losing her last job, Cassie Woodson finds a temp job reviewing correspondence for a fraud suit in order to pay her bills. After finding emails sent between Forest Watts and his wife, Annabelle, Cassie becomes invested and starts to find meaning in her life again. She starts to spend her days reading over their email exchanges, slowly becoming more and more obsessed with the lives they hold. However, after staging a chance meeting between her and Forest, Cassie starts to devise a plan to become a part of their life and to take Annabelle’s place. 

Game of Cones by Abby Collette 

Bronwyn Crewse currently owns her family’s old ice cream shop, Crewse Creamery, and has happily watched as her shop slowly returns to its former glory in recent times. However, a big city developer threatens the service of her creamery when he plans on building a massive mall. After finding the developer’s body, Bronwyn’s closest friend is considered a prime suspect in his murder. On top of this tragedy, Bronwyn’s aunt comes and threatens to take the shop for herself. This deliciously cold mystery is the second book in the Ice Cream Parlor Mystery series and is perfect for fans of cozy mysteries. 

One Got Away by S.A. Lelchuk 

In the second book of the Nikki Griffin series, Nikki is enlisted by a matriarch of a wealthy San Francisco family to find the con-man who robbed them of their money. Unable to turn away from her life code of protecting women from dangerous, abusive men, Nikki accepts the case. However, as she works, she discovers that she was not told the full truth and is put in danger in the process. Nikki must decide who to save, as well as how to save herself in this situation. 

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