3 Must Have Gadgets For Fun Biking

It’s that time of year again.  Time to get the bike down from the hooks in the garage and make it road ready.  I found some interesting new gear to make summer biking a little more fun.  None break the bank, so they’re all worth a look.

bike gadgets

Phone Holder

I don’t know about you, but I am so done with dropping and breaking my phone.  And on the bike, putting it in a secure location has meant I couldn’t hear notifications.  Which sorta defeats the purpose of bringing the phone along!

There’s a lot of similar looking mounts out there, so I was hesitant to get any for fear of spending money on one that didn’t really do the job.  Based on reviews, I got one made by Odier and gave it a shot.  Turned out to be a great choice!  Easy to attach, adjustable, and my phone didn’t budge from the easily-installed position.

Plus, because the mount has a tilt adjustment, it’s possible to use your phone as a GPS or a bike dashcam.  I tried both and they work great!  On a scale of one to ten for recommending, this one gets a ten.

phone mount 2phone mount







Theft Deterrence

I call it deterrence because we all know if the thief really wants your stuff, he’s going to take it.  But they usually go for the easier target and if it’s not yours, you win!  I had my bike stolen when I was in college, and how much worse a time could there be?  Let’s face it, when you’re in college you’re not exactly making bank.

The problem with most bike security isn’t necessarily the security itself, it’s that bikes are so easy to grab and go with.  And GPS trackers are okay but there are two big problems with them.  One, the thief usually gets them indoors pretty quickly and you lose the signal.  And two, there’s no way I’m going to go confront the thief even if I knew where he was!

That leaves deterrence.  I found a pretty basic but reliable alarm called the Urban UR6 that has a light and sound alarm that goes off when the bike is moved. Designed for motorcycles or bikes, on the bike it’s installed in the spokes, so it also deters the would-be thief from riding quickly away.  I haven’t had a real-life test yet (and hopefully won’t!), but I’m thinking once the alarm starts the thief is going to move on to an easier target.


Protecting Your Backside

How many times have you said *%#! when you got plastered with a narrow streak right up your back?  I really hate that.  This incredibly simple and cheap invention is out of sight until you need it, and then goes to work to keep the mud where it belongs.  Which is anywhere but on you!

Ass Savers come in a variety of models and will pay for themselves the first time you don’t ruin that favorite biking shirt.  A must-have!

ass saver


The products above have been reviewed based on personal use.  One of the products was provided by the manufacturer, but all reviews are the author’s unbiased opinions.



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