5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

The following is a guest post by Robert Abramson.  His bio follows.

Did you know that two new blogs appear  in the world every second? It is not a secret that blogging has become a popular practice in recent years. The number of blog posts being posted on WordPress alone is astonishing: a massive 59 million posts every month! This trend has left many people wondering what blogging is all about and why it fascinates people that much.

A Blog, also called Weblog, can be defined as a website that presents personal opinions in a chronological manner. It is an online diary of sorts, and many people blog as a full-time career.   Here are five reasons you should also start a blog today.

Connect With New People

Blogging is the best way of connecting with like-minded people. Are you enthusiastic about gardening, motorsports,  or eating exotic foods? You will be surprised how a blog in your area of interest will attract many people. You can have a “comments” section where you can interact with your audience. It is also possible to connect through social media and direct mail. If this is a compelling reason for you, perhaps you need to note a few tricks of ensuring people keep coming back to your blog.

  • Be consistent
  • Offer valuable blog posts
  • Be unique
  • Give readers a reason to come back every time
  • Invite people back, albeit creatively

Enhance Your Knowledge And Skills

No matter how many writing classes you take, you will never become an accomplished writer if you do not actually write something from scratch. Even for skills such as IT and public speaking, blogging provides the perfect platform for personal development. The goodness of blogging is that you can cover anything and become an expert in the process.

You will be researching constantly, so that you can give your audience something new every time. In addition, a blogger will eventually hone his or her abilities in communication, marketing, writing and debating among others.

Help People

This world is full of many problems and the issues that some people face can be disheartening. Perhaps you are an empathetic type of person,  and you would like to help. Blogging offers you a perfect opportunity to talk to people. Some people are on 9-to-5 jobs, but they wish they could quit immediately. Others are grappling with poor financial habits. Your simple tips could be all someone needs to make a turnaround.

Have Fun

Most bloggers are handling what they like most and enjoying it. The reason for this is that as a blogger, you have the steering wheel. For some people, this level of control is exciting enough. When you add to it all the interactions and new experiences, it becomes irresistible. Earning from an activity that you love is easily the best experience in these financially challenging times.

start a blog

Earn An Income

This one had to be here. Making money through blogs has been a popular topic for many years now. It is not easy work, but you can do it. People are making decent income from blogs, so it is a nice idea to find out how to monetize a blog. Some ways of making money include membership content, ad networks, affiliate programs and product sales.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering starting a blog? Hundreds of people already opened theirs as you were reading this.  If you were uncertain about the benefits of a blog, now you have a few reasons to become a blogger. It is easy and cost effective.  You do not even have to be an expert or the best writer. Let us know what drove you to start a blog in the comments!

Author Bio:

Robert Abramson is a social media marketer with experience on all of today’s top platforms. He specializes in understanding how sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used to better understand customers and maximize results from marketing efforts. 
Social media is the future of marketing, and Robert is at the forefront of today’s top innovations and shifts in marketing trends.

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