5 Simple Tips for Beautiful Sleep

For many of us career girls, stress and sleep deprivation are an unfortunate part of our daily routine. Particularly when combined with a generous social life, extended working hours and the “always on” culture engendered by the rise of the smartphone, a good night’s sleep is often an afterthought that is continually pushed back into the early hours.


However, as cliché dictates, we all need our beauty sleep and, whilst some of us may need more than others, the scientific media are keen to impress the importance of regular, good-quality sleep. A recent article published by the BBC highlighted the “arrogance” of both our approach and attitudes to sleeping and the benefits it brings.


Thankfully, regardless whether you are an insomniac or or a hypersomniac, a few simple adjustments to your sleeping routine will help you get the most out of whatever time you may have desperately pencilled into your diary to catch up with your sleeping schedule.

Daily Routines Whilst we’re on the subject of schedules and routine, when it comes to sweet dreams, among the most useful tools employed in the fight against sleeping problems is a regular sleeping pattern. If possible, you should set yourself regular times for sleeping and waking up. This will help the body regulate itself and reinforce your sleep cycle.


Intensive Exercise Whilst the benefits of regular exercise have always been said to benefit much more than just your nocturnal habits, much has recently been said of short bursts of intensive exercise as a viable alternative to hours in the gym. Perfect for the chronologically challenged amongst us, it is thought that a mere three minutes of exercise per week can have untold benefits on your sleep and your general health as a whole.

Sleep Hygiene For those that are new to this term, it is worth remembering that good sleep hygiene isn’t only clean sheets and a shower before bed. Good sleep hygiene includes ensuring your bedroom is dark enough for successful REM; avoiding food, alcohol and other stimulants shortly before bedtime and associating your bed with sleep by using it, simply, for exactly that rather than watching TV or reading before you drop off.
Better Bedding It is said that we spend around a third of our lives within the warm confines of our beds and, for this reason, it is vital that we don’t make compromises during the time that we are there. A good mattress is only part of the story with other additions such as mattress toppers, high quality pillows, sheets and even your interior design will all be supporting and comforting your body for many years. It is important to ensure your bedding is suited to your sleeping position and body shape to help maximise your restful hours.


Work Less There are a few people in the world who are currently championing the idea of the 4-day week, however, whilst the ideal sounds wonderful, for many of us it is simply impractical. Despite this fact, there are still ways in which you can cut down your working day and stop it invading your sleeping hours. So, turn off your smartphone when its time to sleep, shut down your laptop at least 2 hours before bed and make sure your lunch break is a time for eating and chatting rather than stuffing yourself at your desk.


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