7 Timeless Tricks for Motivating Your Staff

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Employees are the lifeblood of any company so, it isn’t surprising that management is always looking for new ways to motivate their staff. Generally speaking, you can do a great job by simply establishing good communication, but it also isn’t a bad idea to empower employees in different ways. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 best secrets for motivating your staff and why it’s so important for your brand.

Why is Employee Motivation Important?

Working in a same company and position for numerous years can be tedious. Even the hardest workers get complacent in such an environment, eventually affecting their performance. Through motivation, your management can ensure that these employees remain engaged, while also eliminating various errors.

Among other things, motivating your staff provides the following perks:

• Creating a sense of camaraderie 

• Ensuring higher commitment to the company’s mission and vision

• Improving employee retention 

• Acquiring better talent at a lower cost

• Improving results across the board 

As a manager, you must introduce various incentives, such as public praise, financial bonuses, and employee of the month plaques. By continuously stimulating your staff, verbally and non-verbally, you ensure they stay on top of their game for months and even years. 

An excellent thing about staff motivation is that you can use all sorts of methods to keep your workers engaged. Here are the 10 best ones:

Introduce Flexible Work Hours

If you don’t use flexible work hours in 2024, you’re lagging behind. Implementing remote and hybrid work is vital for most of the employees, especially those who have kids and other obligations. By working from home, employees don’t have to waste time on commuting and can resolve various home choirs. 

Besides providing more flexibility in day-to-day life, remote work helps employees isolate themselves from the office team. This is especially great for introverted guys and girls, as it allows them to take a social breather.

Lead by Example

One of the most common statements in business is that managers should lead by example. Among other things, management should never ask employees for things they’re not willing to do themselves. By using this simple rule, you can avoid overwork while gaining respect of your fellow staffers.

While you should never try to become “one of the boys,” you should find ways to connect with them. Being complacent at work and taking advantage of your position is the last thing you need, as team members will quickly shun you.  

Introduce Bonuses

Most employees are heavily motivated by money. They would much rather earn an extra $1,000 a month than have extended holidays and some other perks. Because of that, you should have a bonus system in place that would motivate all these staffers.

Financial bonuses at the end of every quarter are the best way to go about things. You might also consider other material perks, such as your own products and services. Whatever the case, make sure that the bonus is welcomed by your staff and that they’ll appreciate it.

Empower Your Staff

Employees generally don’t like being micromanaged. They would much rather prefer if you teach them the necessary skills so they can implement them in their day-to-day work. With that in mind, you should always look for ways to empower your staff and give them more creative control.

Managers need to take employees’ suggestions seriously and implement them where they can. Not only will this make staffers feel appreciated, but it will also infuse the company with fresh ideas. 

Organize External Events

People love having a barbeque or going to a bar with other employees. These events are great for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in a bit different environment. 

However, these events serve a much bigger purpose than getting people drunk. They’re great for team building as they bring employees closer to each other. They also connect employees from other departments and allow the flow of creative ideas.

Improve Work Environment

There are lots of things you can do to improve the work environment. The simplest adjustments come in the form of better furniture and other design improvements. However, there are other things you can do to make your staffers feel more comfortable while at the office.

For example, management should introduce policies that would safeguard the rights of every person in the company. They should proactively address misbehavior by sanctioning anyone who goes against these rules.

Use Employee Software 

HR software is crucial for improving people’s work experience. With the right solution, you can significantly improve scheduling, keep track of vacations, as well as organize various events. Most importantly, the software allows you to avoid common mistakes when dealing with employee issues and needs.

Some of the better programs can even manage how people act in the office. For example, they can track staff’s sitting posture, blinking rate, and distance from the screen, thus helping avoid injuries and fatigue. 


In many cases, investing in your employees is much better than investing in advanced technology and large inventory. Given that your staff is the backbone of daily operations, you need guys who are highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile for the business.

By implementing these simple tricks, you can supercharge your day-to-day processes. Make sure to treat everyone with respect and create a safe environment where team members can obtain new skills and improve current ones.