Bayswater: The Ideal Tourist’s Neighborhood

Sometimes it’s the simplest of moments that really stick with you. When I’m on vacation, I make it a point to see all the touristy spots, but walking down neighborhoods and taking in the local atmosphere and culture can sometimes turn out to be more enjoyable. This is why I usually prefer finding accommodations in more quiet areas that are tucked away but are not far from the bustle of the main streets. However, this is a harder task than it actually seems.

My next big trip, as I have already shared to you dear career girls, is London, and I am psyched. What I love about planning this trip is that there are many choices for neighborhoods that you can stay in, without being too far from the rest of the tourist attractions that I am planning to visit. One of these neighborhoods is Bayswater.

My friend told me that this is the ideal place for me to go hotel hunting. It is a very cosmopolitan area with a diverse community that has beautiful streets lined with Victorian stucco terraces, flats, and hotels, one of which is the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel, which I’m looking into staying in.

Another thing to love is that it is in great proximity from so many places of interest. It is right next to Hyde Park, which is one of the beautiful royal parks that London prides itself of, and many other spots that you definitely  will want to see like the Kensington Palace Gardens, Portobello Market, and many more.

Apart from great accommodations, Bayswater also has many ethnic cuisines due to the many nationalities that live there. Prices are more reasonable than it is in the city centre which helps when you are on a vacationer’s budget.

So when you are in London and looking for a place to stay, check out this part of town. If you’re looking for peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can’t go wrong with Bayswater.

Ms. Career Girl

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