Employee monitoring – What Do You Need to Know

For any organization, success is directly dependent on the employees’ performance. Consistence poor performance is detrimental to any organization’s growth. Thus, it is essential to coach and manage the workforce, and expert HR policies can help to attain the same.

BYOD isn’t the solution always – companies are increasingly realizing that they need to build workforce policies that are unobtrusive. So, where does employee monitoring come into the picture then?

There are tools like Spytector available today that helps in employee monitoring but then, it’s a huge area that we are talking about, as an organization has different types of employees to take care of.

Starting the process

Employee monitoring and surveillance is an essential step to maintaining a clean record of the employees. The primary objective of the policy is to maintain the confidentiality of the client data, protect these data with integrity and from any form of the internal as well as external threat. It also prevents any sort of unauthorized access to the client data.

Thus, with the employee monitoring rules are set, it complies with the federal statutes as well as reduce other employee risks.

Network Surveillance – Easily Monitor Employees

Most of the organizations, especially in the corporate sector have placed predominant surveillance on their employee’s internet activity. Employees use the employer-owned computers for surfing the questionable sites like online shopping or pornography. With strict employee monitoring policies, the employees will adhere to the company policies rather than using it for personal choices.

There are a number of other software available which can allow the organization to keep a tap on the employee’s monitor display. This software can also help to record the employee’s surfing history including deletions and revisions. In fact, not only for employee monitoring but this software also help to block viruses and spam which are dangerous for office records.

E-mail Monitoring – The Smart Way

Monitoring e-mail communications is also done by some organizations. Emails are vulnerable in character, and it is indeed important to keep a record of the same. Sensitive, confidential or offensive information should not be passed though the office organizational network. It’s very easy to publish, duplicate or copy any email. Thus, with the email monitoring software, it will help to scan the employee communications and check in case of any illegal message.  With the email monitoring software, it is possible to track them even after the receiver and the sender have deleted them. These stored emails can be legally retrieved. For further preview, it can be printed and published by the HP or other authorities concerned. The firms are always liable for all those communication that takes place through the organizational network. It’s a risk for lawsuits if there is any illegal or the profane communication from the employees.

However, it is very much important to maintain a balanced relationship with employee privacy and surveillance. Established uniform, clear written and reasonable monitoring policies will help to protect both the employees and the firm in case of any ambiguous situation.

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