Are Female Breadwinners Better at Managing the Family Finances?

It seems that girl power is everywhere with women garnering more responsibility in the workplace and building their voices in society. Throughout the decades, women have fought to become equal with men and they may have won the battle when it comes to bringing in the bigger half of the income.

Times Have Changed

Thousands of women are now viewed as the breadwinners of their families, either having a husband who receives less pay than she does, or working as a single parent. They may be in the role of family head in terms of the financial aspect of the household, but are women actually holding down the fort like men? Yes, and, as a matter of fact, women do a better job of managing family finances than men.

Women Are Self-Reliant

In contrast to men who often rely on women to juggle the money coming in with the amount that needs to go out to bill collectors, women depend on no one when it comes to balancing the cheque book. A woman knows that if she wants the bills paid and groceries purchased, she must get up and do it. Such is true even when the husband is the only one working. Therefore, women who become their families’ breadwinners are just assuming the title for a job that they have already been doing except for the salary aspect,

Women Prioritise

Another concept to consider with women who are breadwinners is their ability to prioritize. Since less money is already given to women in the workplace due to gender inequality, they must make every portion of their salaries count. Sporadic shopping sprees and dining out at fine restaurants is the Hollywood version of what it means to be a woman. Professional women who are single are typically too busy to go on a date, yet alone take several weeks out of their schedules to shop. A married woman is even busier with the kids needing supplies for last-minute school projects and a husband asking her to purchase items for his next get-together with other guy friends. With so many financial needs in the household, it is up to the woman to create a budget by which the family can live. Shopping for herself usually waits until there are enough funds to cover her needs without additional burden.

It is these organisational skills coupled with discipline in terms of finances that set women apart from men in the breadwinner debate. Women’s managerial skills are recognised by recruitment agencies such ; whereas men earn more money and have the ability to budget well, it is women who turn their capabilities into reality. Men as breadwinners help the families maintain their economic status. Women help their husband and children get ahead.

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