Four Benefits of Offering Better Guest WiFi

It’ll come as no surprise that businesses all over the world are offering free WiFi to their customers. In fact, if you’ve visited a leisure business within the past few months, there’s a high chance that you have connected to free guest WiFi yourself.

From restaurants to hotels, offering guest WiFi is now considered a fundamental factor for visitors to your business. However, you may not have realised the benefits that your company can experience by offering a better connection.

In this guide, we’ve shared four reasons why you should improve the free guest WiFi that you offer your customers, as well as the tactics that you can use to get the most out of the network:

Why should I improve my guest WiFi?

One key reason for improving the connection that your business offers, is to increase the number of visitors using the service.

For example, let’s say that your hotel offers free WiFi for customers but the connection is slow. This is likely to mean that people will opt to use their own mobile data instead of your free WiFi. However, offering faster and higher quality hotel WiFi will encourage more people to use the free network as opposed to their private data, even if they have to pay for it.

Once you’ve got a large pool of people using your free guest WiFi connection, you can use the following methods to enhance, grow and further fund your business:

Marketing your business

Once you’ve encouraged more customers to use your free WiFi, you can exploit this platform and use it to market your business.

One great ideas is to display your company promotions and deals to customers through personalising the splash page – the page that a customer lands on when connecting to your WiFi. This is often referred to as WiFi marketing.

You’ve also got the opportunity to use the splash page to show customers any offers that they might be unaware of, as well as promote any special events to existing customers.

New revenue streams

As soon as the volume of people using your better WiFi increases, you can opt to use the space on your splash page to advertise your business’ other services to your customers.

Acting as your own platform to reach a targeted pool of people who are already interested in your brand, this works especially well with hotel WiFi as you can use your own online advertising space to show your existing customers other products; acting as a form of up-selling and increasing revenue.

Collecting customer details

Another benefit of improving your free guest WiFi is that you can integrate a sign-up system to collect key details about your customers. By getting customers to enter their email addresses or social platform details to connect to your free WiFi network, your business can use these details for future marketing activities such as SMS or email.

You can use the location services embedded within your free WiFi network to learn more about your customers’ habits. By finding the popular hotspots where your customers use the WiFi, you’re able to learn more about guest activity and use these details to improve your service.

As you can see, offering better guest WiFi can provide your business with many exciting opportunities whilst improving customer satisfaction. Now, it’s up to you to upgrade your network and experience the benefits for yourself!