How to Identify the Signs of Eating Disorder

eating disorder

 The eating disorder is becoming an increasing issue especially amongst young women as they are more conscious about their body image. Bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating are different kinds of an eating disorders that happens to anyone who is conscious about their body image or under a lot of stress.

People with an eating disorder either eat too little or too much. Bulimia can cause people to throw up after every time they eat, to get rid of the excess food from their system which may lead to nutrition deficiency, serious health issues, and death in some cases.

Many times, someone from your family or friend might be going through this condition without even realizing hence you need to be aware of the symptoms of the eating disorder in order to identify such people so that you can help them.

We have discussed a few symptoms of eating disorder below which can be easily identified;

Withdrawing from Friends and Family:

Make a note if the person is withdrawing from family reunions or social events. People with eating disorders suffer from body image issues hence they do not like to be seen publicly as it makes them conscious and stressed. A few others avoid such a gathering to avoid the food. If someone from your family is constantly missing from such reunions, it is an alarm sign.

Eating Habit Changes:

Recently, have you noticed that a member of your family or friend seems to be eating in a different way? It could be eating less or skipping meals. Or eating too much at a time and then feeling guilty about it. All these are signs of an eating disorder and needs to be treated immediately.

Insecurity about the Way they Look:

Is someone you know seem to be too extra conscious about their body shape? The person may suddenly start wearing baggy clothes, avoid going to parties and gatherings, obsess over counting calories of each meal. All these symptoms shout the signs of an eating disorder.

Obsessing Over Body Weight or Shape:

People with an eating disorder, constantly complain about their body weight and call themselves fat. You will find them working out even when they are tired or injured. If you see someone overdoing exercise like mentioned, then it is a clear sign of an eating disorder.

Sudden Change in Appearance:

People with major eating disorder issues either gain weight extremely fast or lose weight alarmingly. Such drastic body changes are the biggest sign that something is not right. Avoiding food constantly or vomiting food will cause the loss of nutrients hence such people will have drastic hair loss, their skin will become dull, they may fall sick often, irregular menstruation, look fatigued, etc. As per experts from, nutrition deficiency can also cause serious conditions in the body such as vein disorder and needs to be taken seriously. These signs should not be ignored, and help should be provided to such people.

If you find someone you care about showing the above-mentioned signs, then without any delay leap into action. First, have a friendly conversation with the person understanding what has changed and the level of treatment needed. If by talking, you can resolve the issue, then try to do that and keep a track of them, still, if you do not see any changes in them then become firm and encourage them to get help from an expert.