No Valentine? Get a Crush On Your Career

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Why is it important to crush on your career? According to Microsoft Office’s Emerging Professionals Survey, 86% of 18-34 year olds say that job satisfaction has a large impact on other areas their lives. In fact, of this demographic:

  • 67% said it has an impact on their overall mood
  • 40% said it has an impact on their relationship with their significant other
  • 38% said their job satisfaction has an impact on their friendships

But while job satisfaction plays a role in many aspects of young professionals lives, this age group is also the least likely to say they are crushing, or “very satisfied” with their current job, and have significantly less job satisfaction overall than Boomers.

 So what would help more young professionals crush on their careers? Of the respondents aged 18-34 who plan to change jobs, our survey found that:

  • 64% of women say they are looking to earn more money, compared to 45% of men
  • 61% of women say they are looking for more career growth opportunities, compared to 36% of men
  • 28% of men say they would like to feel more appreciated for the work they do, compared to 25% of women
  • 21% of men say they would like to feel like they are making more of an impact, compared to 18% of women

And for those who are just beginning the job search or aren’t crushing on their current job, Microsoft Office has resume templates and interviewing tips to help Land Your Dream Job. For example, should you name drop on your resume and during you interview? The answer may surprise you.

If you’re in the middle of hot pursuit of a new gig and need some of the latest tips on resumes and interviewing, you can download a cheat sheet with these tips here.

Or, if you’re so in love with what you do that you’re ready to really get married to it, maybe it’s time to take the leap to entrepreneurship.  That might mean getting a #sidehustle going.  You can find some great insights and inspiration to get you going on that here.



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