The following is a guest post by Kristi K Hoffman.  Her bio follows.

Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with the negative comments that keep swirling through your mind?

Possibly they came from nasty co-workers, old classmates, teammates, random people at social situations, family members, negative childhood memories. Maybe they came at you in the form of gossip, mean tweets or posts, nasty texts.  Comments like:

  • “You’re fat.”
  • “You’ll never be good enough.”
  • “You don’t deserve that job/promotion.”
  • “You are so ugly you should just go kill yourself.”

Focus on Your Positive Attributes

There’s no use battling negativity.  It is a losing proposition.  Because in doing so, you perpetuate a negative mindset.  And you will always be playing catch up.  Constantly on defense.

Instead, focus on your own positive self-esteem and self-worth — the amazing, Total Package Girl in you!
To break the negativity cycle and enhance your self-worth and esteem, here are ten secret weapons you can use right now.  They will help erase that negative mindset that keeps creeping back in, and get you back to the positive inner you, full of positive self-esteem, worth and the potential for limitless success.

How to Respond to Negativity

  1. Get back to offense, no more playing defense.
  2. Know your value and your worth. Recite your positive attributes. Stick up for yourself and use your voice when negative comments come your way.
  3. Remember your awesomeness in terms of your core values: trustworthy, hard-working,       compassionate, courageous, fun-loving. Keep a list near you for reference, in case you forget how amazing you are.
  4. Be you — let the words that come out of your mouth and the actions you take reflect the real inner you, not who you think everyone wants you to be.
  5. Repel negativity like a magnet. Ignore or reject every derogatory comment or incessantly negative person you encounter, using all of your might and energy.  Do not let them invade your psyche. Visualize a power shield you are holding out in front of you, protecting you from nasty comments, criticism, mean girls and ill-intentioned co-workers.
  6. Seek out and surround yourself with one or two loyal TruBlue friends who will not intentionally throw you under the bus. Stay near those who support you and know the difference between those who don’t.  Talk about your feelings with these TruBlue friends.
  7. Love you some more. When you look in the mirror, have regular mantras ready to recite.  Say three positive things about that beautiful person you see staring back at you. Believe in and respect the power of you.
  8. Learn to live the Total Package Lifestyle. This means developing a master plan for success in three areas:  your Body, your Brain, and your Spirit.  Eat, sleep, play in a healthy, fit, and fun way.
  9. Move your body — exercise, dance, ride a bike. Keep active no matter what.  Make it a part of your routine.  Research shows time and again that exercise helps ward off depression and anxiety.  You will be shocked at how quickly your attitude and personal esteem turns around when movement becomes a part of your life.  (How about tracking 150 minutes of movement per week for starters?)
  10. Know your Total Package Lifestyle path. That means set two to three personal goals for this week, month, and year.  Don’t let anything derail your progress.  If you do get off track, no self-criticism.  Jump back on your path.  It will lead you in a positive direction that is absolutely perfect for you.

positive esteem

These  actions are pillars for your esteem and will strip the negative right out of your world.  Focus on getting back to a fit, healthy, enjoyable Total Package Life!


About Kristi K. Hoffman

positive esteem

Kristi K. Hoffman, M.S., is an award-winning television host and producer, past PBS-TV media personality, author, businesswoman and keynote speaker. As CEO and Founder of Total Package Global, a leading professional and personal development corporation, Kristi develops success tools for pre-teen and teenaged girls and boys, young professionals, as well as seasoned executives to assist them in reaching their life and business goals.


Her Amazon best-selling teen and social issues book, Total Package Girl: Discover the Ultimate You for Life, and the Total Package Girl curriculum for junior high and high school girls provide girls with the intelligence, skills, and tools they need to navigate today’s digitally-focused life. Total Package Girl acknowledges that each girl is unique, and that her talents and skills are to be celebrated.


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