Prioritizing Your Day For Success At Work And At Home

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If you’re working, you’ve got a life outside of work.

If you’re enjoying your life, you’ve got work to return to.

The yin/yang of modern life is the work life balance. It’s a hard thing to manage and there has to be a tipping point where it can be perfectly managed. It can also become unbalanced – meaning one half of work or life is going to be sacrificed.

You’ve got to find a way to manage all of this to create a perfect balance. Now, we spoke about the work/life balance a few days ago and the benefits of balance. We talked about the possibility of the work/life balance not existing. That’s true, unless you’re a workaholic (and there’s nothing wrong with that). We’re going to show you now HOW to achieve a balance.

Achieving Balance

The truth is that you’re going to have complete tasks at work and at home. You’ve got to find a common area where you’re always efficient. Here’s how to do that.

At work, you need to start every single morning by planning your day. No piece of work or meeting should be able to sneak up on you and if you are planning, you’ll be able to react to urgent tasks that break through your diary. A planned day is going to be a lot easier for you, so get your tasks in order and prioritize. When you’re at work, you should be working – so take a look at your tasks and sort them out.

Achieving Separation

Now, the second you leave work, you need to rewire your brain. It’s home time. Dwelling on work issues isn’t going to do you any good when you step outside the door. This is key – other issues need your attention, especially if you’re leading a family. They come first. Issues can arise with family at work, so you need to ensure solutions are provided for their care – in the case of senior relatives, for example, this would be securing some elderly companion care so that they are looked after personally throughout the day. There are steps to achieving peace of mind away at work!

Also – turn your work phone off unless you’re expecting an urgent call. It exists only during work hours. You have the responsibility of looking after a family! Perform it by stepping away from work for a few hours. Think about the time you spend at home – it could be that you get back at six and go to bed at ten – that’s four measly hours for you to spend with your family – so why would anyone dedicate that time to working?


By organizing your day and the care of your family members, you can focus on your career and work, while you’re in the workplace. This will give you the time to carve out some quality time with your family. Success is a natural bedfellow of organization – so prioritize your time!



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