Why Self Education Could Be The Best Route For Your Development

Self Education

In the world of education, it can feel like it takes a lot of your time to get a qualification that you may not use, at least that’s how our parents saw it. But maybe you did use that philosophy degree; it’s not for me to say. But in the modern world of high tuition fees and the fewer job options for people when they leave college, it doesn’t sound like going away for 3 to 5 years is even worth our while anymore. There are so many people who go to work as soon as they leave school, and they appear to be better off for it because they worked their way up the ladder to a role that earns them a decent pay package. While for those that left college with degrees (myself included) some felt that they have already “paid their dues” by going into education for a lengthy period of time. As a result, the option of seeking out your own education is a far more enticing prospect than it was 20 years ago. The great benefit of self-starting your own education is that you are spending a lot less money than a college kid would, but there are other reasons to seek out your own schooling…

You Can Prioritize Your Learning

A structured course may not give you all information you need, but if you want to learn something properly and bypass some of the basics, the option is there for you. Be warned in doing this though; the benefits of a structured syllabus means that you can gradually build up on skills you have learned, and in trying to devour a big subject by yourself may mean that you won’t have the required base knowledge.

You Can Learn In Your Own Way

There are so many people that have an issue with the traditional school system because it made so much of sitting down and learning something by reading it in silence, but what if you don’t learn that way? People are able to learn better by listening to information, some are able to retain information while listening to classical music in the background, and it’s important that if you are embarking on your own self-education, you need to identify how you learn before you learn anything. There are tools online to help with this, and as soon as you have this nailed, you can work with unbridled productivity and at a speed that suits you, making sure that you are able to take all the information in.

The Benefits Of Remote Learning

As it may benefit you to create your own set pattern of learning, you can also use online courses to further your learning. There are so many quality courses online now, from the Masterclass series to Fresno Pacific Online Degrees, you can find a course to suit your needs. Remote learning gives you the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment. For some, a classroom environment might bring back some muscle memory about school, which automatically puts a block on the whole learning process.

Experience Is A Great Teacher

If you want to learn how to build a house, then build one. It’s something that still rings true to this day, and there is really no substitute for learning something than by diving headfirst into it. A lot of how we learn and retain information is about being given the motivation to learn it, and this is very likely a reason why so many of us forgot most of what we learned in school. But if someone asked you to remember a fact and they would give you a million dollars, then you would remember it easy! If you really want to learn something then go out and do it. Learning by doing is something we don’t really utilize that much now because we can just go online, but doing something will immediately place you out of your comfort zone, motivate you, and will help you to learn what you have done right and what you have done wrong.

Employers Love The Story…

You might be teaching yourself a new skill as a hobby, or you might be doing it with a long-term goal in mind, but for those who are doing it to acquire their dream job, make sure that you are presenting your journey to your prospective employers. While you may not have direct experience, you have gone above and beyond to chase your dream, and this shows dedication. Maybe create a website as an online portfolio, and when you are ready, you can use this as your calling card. Educating yourself is a big task, arguably a bigger task than going to college, but the rewards you reap from it are many and will make the whole process completely worth it, not just from the rewards, but the depth of knowledge you will acquire.

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