Self-worth, Abundance, And The Goddess Called YOU

You’re a goddamn Goddess.  Now, stop apologizing. Get over it, and embrace your place in the world.  What I’m saying is that it’s time to break out of the bonds that have held women back for so long.  Based on social expectations, so-called “norms,” and thousands of years of a predominantly patriarchal society, it’s time for the growth-limiting path we’ve been on to end.

Like many if not most of us, I’ve had an inner struggle going on.  It’s about all the news we’ve heard over the last 18 or so months.  Sexual misconduct on the part of men.  There, see, I just did it again.  It’s not “misconduct,” it’s ASSAULT.

My struggle was specifically about the role that women might play in . . . encouraging? . . . assault. I’m being brutally honest here – – we do in fact sometimes if not often dress and present ourselves to impress, even to get a response.  And yes, it does go beyond dressing for success.  It’s a muddled, silent conversation, mixed with frustration, anger, guilt, confusion, and . . . a LOT more anger.  I know, because I’ve been on the receiving end of such very uninvited assault.

Are you ready to embrace real self-worth, abundance, and the Goddess called you?  Read on.

Getting A New Clarity

Sometimes, if you search long enough and your desire is strong enough, the answers finally come.  For me, that happened recently when Ms Career Girl shared an article by Heidi Stevens from the Chicago Tribune.   Pardon the long quote, but there’s no way to relate what she said in fewer words:

“I wonder why we understand ownership so much better when we’re talking about a person’s prized possessions than when we’re talking about a woman’s body.

I’ve never once heard a man explain away a burglary by questioning why a homeowner bothered taking such good care of his house if not to entice others to break in.

Lawn mowed just so. Solid oak front door. Three-car garage. Why do you make your house so attractive if you don’t want someone to break in and start taking stuff?

I’ve never once heard a man explain away a carjacking by questioning why a driver bothered driving such a nice car.

Why are you driving a Lexus if you don’t want someone to take it from you? You even keep it all shiny and new-looking. You don’t think that sends some kind of message?”

Finally.  Something that makes sense.  As I read it I felt a physical release.  The conflict is over.  In no way was it my fault just because I was doing the best I could with the body I’d been given.  My body.

Damage Done, And Undone

With that kind of inner turmoil going on, it’s pretty difficult to see and reach your potential.  Think about how those kinds of thoughts effect your feelings of worthiness. About how much it’s limited your feelings of self-worth, and kept you from understanding the Goddess that resides in you, and each of us.

It might take some time to undo the programming and damage.  Or, maybe you’ll respond as I did and have an abrupt moment of just being over it.  Either way, getting back to the real you and understanding and accepting yourself for who you are, no apologies, is something you’ve got to do.  There’s peace out there.  And a calm confidence that awaits you.

If you’re challenged with this new perspective, I recommend you take a look at Ava Miles’ “Goddesses Deserve The G’s.”  The author leads you through a transformative journey that will bring you face to face with the Goddess called you.

Let’s Move On

It’s time to insist that those guilty of all things that have held women back be fully accountable and responsible for their actions. From discrimination, all the way to assault and rape, it’s the perpetrator who must be called out.  And, it’s time for women to claim, insist, on their rightful place at the table.  What’s that look like, you ask?  Here’s some  of the tips from “Taking Your Place At The Table.”

  • When a rule, law, or regulation doesn’t make sense, ask people why it’s there.  If their explanation doesn’t make sense, work to change the rule.
  • When you need help, approach the highest-ranking person you believe can help.
  • Don’t let impressive-sounding titles or official-looking buildings intimidate you.
  • When people tell you, “You’ve pushed enough boundaries,” pay no attention.  Wherever there’s a boundary that doesn’t serve people, it needs to be pushed aside or dismantled.
  • When you’re fed up with something, say so to the people in charge.  Otherwise, they may never realize – or care – that you’re dissatisfied.

That’s just a sample.  Check out the book for some very effective insights into stepping up and claiming what you deserve.  Including respect.

Tomorrow Starts Today

I like to say that tomorrow is going to get here whether we like it or not, and tomorrow doesn’t particularly care what our life looks like when we get there.  That’s up to us.  By what we choose right here, right now.  If you’re tired of the way things have been, now is the time to start creating  . . . demanding something better.

Linda Allen

I'm a serial entrepreneur, with a resume that makes me look like a Jane of all trades. Pretty sure we are all reluctant Messiahs, travelling through life planting seeds where ever we can. Hopefully, most of mine have been good ones! MA from Miami University (Ohio, not Florida), BA from Cal State.

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