The Unexpected Quirks and Challenges of Remote Work

challenges of remote work

Let’s take a minute to look at the facts about remote work. Yes, we all love to work in our pajamas rather than our dress pants. We love our flexibility, but sometimes miss the office camaraderie. Whether you have been working from home for a week or a decade, there are unique quirks and challenges that come with working from the comfort of your home. Although some situations are funny to acknowledge, others are more uncomfortable. In this article, we will talk through the interesting dynamics and challenges of remote work.

Pro: Extra Sleep

Whether your commute is 10 minutes or 45 minutes, having extra time to sleep in is a huge benefit of this virtual environment. On nights when you do not sleep well, a few extra minutes of rest can help give you the boost you need to get through the day

Con: Too Much Information

If you are frequently interacting with coworkers or clients, you will likely get to know each other more personally than you would in a professional environment. On video calls, people will be able to see the decor on your walls and the mess on your kitchen table. In addition, some people forget proper video protocol. You may see a coworker’s spouse walk across the room in a towel or hear a baby screaming in another room. This type of intimacy can be potentially awkward in a professional relationship.

Con: Poor Mental Health

Remaining in an isolated area day in and day out is proven to negatively affect mental health. This monotony can make it difficult to separate your career and your personal life. When you cannot separate the two, you may become stressed or anxious. In addition, working remotely likely means that you sometimes experience loneliness throughout the day. Perpetual isolation can lead to depression.

Pro: More Time for Self-Care

Although there are factors of remote work that may negatively impact your mental health, there are some perks that are beneficial. Many people do not go see a counselor because they feel uncomfortable having a phone call with their therapist while they are in their office. In other circumstances, people do not have time throughout the day to get to the center for a session and back to the office in an allocated time frame. When you work from home, you can have easier access to Trillium Counselling. This counseling center offers virtual services and specializes in working with individuals that are suffering from traumatic events. In addition to counseling, working from home increases your margin for exercise, meditation, and healthy eating.


Working from home has many pros and cons. Fortunately, this virtual environment allows you to have a greater margin to care for yourself and others. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time drawing a balance between their work life and social life. As you continue to move forward, you must embrace both the benefits and the downsides of the “new normal.”