Tis the Season to be a Creative Advertiser!

Have you been thinking about giving your business a customer boost this Christmas?

At this time of year, companies up the ante when it comes to promoting their business by spreading the Festive cheer. A brilliant way to garner interest in your business is to distribute Christmas cards to your customers. The most effective mail tends to include discount codes, free offers and ‘refer a friend’ reward systems.

How do you make your mail from Santa stand out from the crowd?

An effective technique, used by marketing gurus the world over, is to personalise your advertisement. Crafting has seen a huge resurgence of late, with knitting no longer hiding behind the old cushion of grandma’s rocking chair and scrapbooking making a comeback thanks to quirky crafters blogging their wares.  So make your cards personal; directly addressed to your customer with a seasonably cheery aesthetic appeal. Let’s be honest: faced with bland white post, concealing billl after bill after bank statement, a shiny red envelope or a glittery post bag with your name on the front would be the one you’d go for, right?

There are so many options these days: you can protect your free gifts with creatively designed jiffy bags, so you’re safe in the knowledge your brightly coloured freebie will arrive with your customer safely. If you’re feeling particularly creative and have the time and resources at hand, you could add a personal touch with glitter, ribbons – whatever takes your fancy!

Take the personal feel to the next level by handwriting the cards you plan to send to your top hundred or most loyal customers. If your customers are buying for children, a card from Santa is always well received! Tick box options for small presents or larger gifts that the children can fill out adds an element of excitement and magic to gift buying. It also relieves parents of some of the additional stress of buying endless gifts for their kids at Christmas!

Why not double up on your festive advertising power and volunteer your services to a worthy cause? Volunteering at charitable organisations is an effective way of meeting new customers you may not have previously considered to be in your target audience. Offering a charitable donation for a limited time for every sale you make also keeps within the Christmas theme of giving. Both of the above techniques will associate your brand with being a reputable, charitable organisation with which customers will want to associate.

The holiday season is an ideal time to get the name of your business out there whilst spreading goodwill – so make like Santa’s Little Helper and craft your business to the top!

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl was started in 2008 to help ambitious young professional women figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.