What to Do After a Car Crash

Chances are you have probably been in a car crash in your life. (If you haven’t, then you are one of the lucky ones.) Being in a crash is scary and confusing, as you not only have to worry about your car and injuries but you should also be thinking about what comes next. Many people are so worked up by the situation that they don’t stop to think about what you have to do after the big crash. The Zebra is an insurance comparison marketplace that has come up with a helpful graphic to guide you on what to do after a car crash.

Step 1: Call for Emergency Services if You Need to and ALWAYS Call the Police!

If anyone appears to be injured, you need to call 911, and be prepared to describe the situation and any injuries sustained. The police need to be there to fill out an accident report, no matter how small the crash. (And you may need this report later when dealing with potential insurance claims.)

Step 2: Assess the Damage

If you can safely move your car, do so. Make sure to snap a couple of pictures of the scene if possible. If your car looks like it can’t be moved, call a tow truck.

Step 3: Exchange Information with the Other Party

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Always exchange information with any other party involved, even if it is just a fender bender and the other party swears not to file a claim. If the other party tries to offer you cash instead of exchanging information, don’t accept. Accepting cash instead of getting their info could make you miss out on future insurance claims and you could even be held liable for the crash even if it wasn’t your fault.

Step 4: Document the Damage

Take lots of photos from the crash and be sure to write down your experience as soon as it’s safe. If you wait to write down your side of the story, you may forget important details.

Step 5: Call your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company, even if you don’t want to file a claim. Many insurance companies require you in their contract to notify them of any accidents. If you can, call them while at the crash scene, as this can help them gather all of the information before things start to get hazy.

What to Do After a Car Crash Infographic
Courtesy of: The Zebra
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