Making Your Wedding A Family Occasion: Steps To Make Everyone Feel Loved

Weddings are about couples. But they’re also about two families joining together. It’s worth remembering that a wedding is one of the most important days of a parent or grandparent’s life. If you have children, you look forward to the day they marry somebody they truly love, and there’s nothing more special than being involved. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough, without worrying about people feeling left out or excluded. If you’re eager to make your big day a family occasion, here are some tips to make sure that everyone feels loved.


Handing out roles and responsibilities

Your wedding day should be the most incredible day of your life, and what better time to have those who love you around you? One way of getting your families involved in the ceremony is to honor them with special responsibilities.

Do you have sisters, nieces or future sisters-in-law? If so, you could ask them to be bridesmaids or flower girls. Are you keen for both sets of parents to have a role on the day? If so, you may wish to ask them to read at the service or sign the register. If you have young children in the family, giving them even the smallest jobs will mean the world. Your nephew could be responsible for leading the ushers in, for example, or you could ask your flower girls to hand out confetti bags.


Try and be balanced when you’re thinking about which roles to give people. You may automatically include your own family members, but don’t forget marriage is a team effort. Even if you’re not as close to your in-laws, it’s a positive gesture to extend an invite to them as well. Are you looking for tips to build stronger relationships with your partner’s family? If so, head online and check out sites like

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Planning together

Planning a wedding is tricky. There’s a lot to remember, and a whole host of things to organize. This is where your families come in handy. Getting them involved in the planning process makes them feel valued, and it also helps you out. Take your parents and in-laws to look around wedding venues, or go wine tasting together. Get your sisters and sisters-in-law involved in arranging the bachelorette party. Take the kids to dress and suit fittings and make them feel like princes and princesses for the day.


Writing the speeches

If you’re giving a speech, or you’re helping your husband to write one, make sure you’ve included everyone in your thank yous. Even if you don’t mean to leave somebody out, the fact that they haven’t been mentioned may cause upset. Go through the list several times to make sure you’ve got everyones name written down. For more speech writing tips, take a look at pages like


Weddings are a celebration of love between two people. But they also mark the coming together of families and groups of friends. If you’re close to your families, there’s nothing like having everyone involved in your special day. Hopefully, these ideas will help you to plan a stunning day that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.


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