14 Summer Baubles to Babble About

As the summer approaches this means wardrobe updates. I know what you’re thinking “We updated our wardrobe for the New Year, Spring and now Summer.” Yes, but this update is easy! We’re updating our baubles this year for colorful and fresh looks. Hint: This summer is full of neon, green and rubber.

  1. Neck Candy. The bubble necklace is all the rage this season! The necklace reminds me of the candy necklaces we wore as kids. I like it in vibrant colors such as yellow, pink and blue to bring attention to a crisp white blouse.
  2. Stackable Bracelets. Stackable bracelets are always in style, yet this season the more colorful, the better. Because stackable bracelets come in sets and are less expensive, it is easy to mix textures, colors and various sizes. This season, yellow and turquoise bangles are great additions for a cute summer look.
  3. Spearmint Earring Drops. Earring drops are a classic earring, however, in the right color, the earring can make you look like a totally bohemian goddess. The spearmint earring gives a Caribbean flare that will take anyone’s mind away from the office.
  4. Skinny Rings. Skinny rings have been on trend for the last 3 seasons, however, I believe they are perfect for the summer.  Although I am a fan of chunky, blinged out rings, sometimes you need to let your fingers breate with light finger-ware.
  5. Mint Green Sports Watch. Chic sports watches can make any wrist feel active, yet mint green can add a little bit of much needed coolness. Mingled between a few friendship bracelets and stackable bangles, this watch adds a little bit of personality.
  6. Torquise Studs. A torquise stud is perfect for any girl, especially in the summer. It is great for transitional looks through out the day and is subtle, but gives a little bit of color.
  7. Friendship Bracelets. Friendship bracelets scream Lollapalooza, summer jam concerts, adventures on the beach and road trip with the girls.  This casual set of bracelets are awesome for a casual day.
  8. Boyfriend Watch. The boyfriend watch is another bauble that can be standalone or accompanied by bangles. This one is my favorite because it is androgyneous and can be worn basically anywhere. It’s my “go to” watch.
  9. Turnlock Bracelet. The turnlock bracelet is very cute and unique. Should only be casually worn and is adorable in bright neon colors, especially yellow.Stick Earrings. These exotic earrings are so summer appropriate! Worn with a nice aztec or african print, these earrings can make any look rad.
  10. Neon and Gem Stud Earrings. I love mixed medium jewelry, and these earrings are perfect. Bright neon pink and sparkly gems will bring the right attention to any look.
  11. Endless Summer Necklace. This is the type of necklace everyone wants, the name says everything! This necklace is another statement necklace and ethnic piece to make any outfit “summer approved”.
  12. Neon Yellow Necklace. I couldn’t ask for a bolder, nor maj necklace! I love the crocheted yellow string, mixed with gold accents. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect necklace.
  13. Stacked Gem Rings. A stacked  ring is great, a stacked gem ring just added on more awesome sauce. It brings the attention needed to your fingers, but not the wrong type of blinged out attention. Just be sure not to add to much color to your arm. This set is enough on its own.

What are you favorite summer baubles? 

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