15 Unique Team Building Activities that are Worth a Try

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Designing a fun and worthwhile team building activity for your employees can be a challenge. Most corporate offices have tried typical team building exercises, such as physical obstacles, lectures, or PowerPoint presentations. Instead, try something unique. Here are 15 engaging team building activities to try.

Cultural PotLuck

If your company’s budget for team building activities is small, you don’t have to miss out. You can try low budget activities that you hold on-site to help bring people together. Try hosting a cultural potluck lunch or dinner at your office. This way, workers can show off their cultural or ethnic background with unique and tasty dishes.

Virtual Reality Experience

Another low-cost option that you could bring to your office is something that incorporates video games and virtual reality. Try holding a virtual reality experience in your workplace. A vendor can bring in equipment, such as headsets and video monitors, to make the experience more realistic.

Corporate Cooking Class

For something a little different, build relationships and develop new skills with a corporate cooking class. Place people in teams to create delicious dishes or sweet baked goods and see how much problem solving you can practice.

Community Circles

If you want to hold a team building experience that helps your employees express themselves and provide feedback, a restorative community circle is a great, low-cost option. Simply arrange everyone in a circle, have a talking piece, and ask creative, thought-provoking questions.

Go-Kart Racing

An exciting activity that also allows you to have some friendly competition, like go-kart racing, also helps promote unity. Put your employees behind the wheel racing against each other to make progress in your mission.

Ropes Course

Challenging activities that put people out of their comfort zone, like a physical ropes course, are also unique and beneficial to teams. The adrenaline rush you get from completing a ropes course can help promote positive feelings with your organization.

Board Game Night

Another fun option that helps build relationships and make working together more fun is holding a board game night. Choose board games that can be played in teams for best results.


When the weather’s nice outside, take a team building excursion outside. Provide a trail hiking experience to give your staff something engaging to participate in.

Beach Excursion

Field trips also make great team building activities. If your business is located close to a beach, try scheduling a day at the beach for some summer fun and relaxation one day. Plan a few beach activities, such as volleyball or fishing to make it more competitive.

Ice Cream Party

If you’re trying to reward your team, make it a social activity that also helps build more of those important social connections. Food rewards are pretty budget-friendly but think outside of the typical free lunch. Instead, host an ice cream social for your employees and allow them to create their own sundaes and socialize.

Scavenger Hunt

Puzzles that are fun can also be used in team building to promote working together to solve a problem. Hosting a scavenger hunt around your workplace can be a great, social way to teach different concepts to employees, such as workplace safety or operating procedures.

Trivia Challenge

Trivia contests within your company are also effective as team builders. Have your staff join up together with others in a group to get them to work together to answer different questions about the company or your industry.

Escape Room

A popular option for teams that need to solve complex issues and create innovative solutions is to have a day at an escape room. See how your staff works together on a difficult problem in this unique setting.

Mystery Dinner

Having dinner together with employees is a standard social, team building activity, so mix it up to give it a more unique flavor. Try holding a mystery dinner, where the menu choices are printed out as riddles, to get creativity and social activity flowing.

Trampoline Park

Finally, if you just want to get out of the office and get the blood pumping with your team members, a trampoline park is the way to go. This is an energetic way to get people to see a different side of the individuals they work with.

Team Building – Think Outside The Box

Look beyond the usual team building experiences and pick something memorable. Afterward, look forward to a boost in morale and productivity.

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