3 Companies That Offer Work at Home Opportunities in 2016

Technology is advancing rapidly and with those advancements also comes the ability to telecommute to work. Working from home is a luxury that more companies are providing to their employees each year. The ability to work remotely allows parents the ability to go to school plays, take their children to the doctor when needed and take care of necessary family obligations without having to miss work time. Employers and finding it invaluable to offer the ability to work from home, as it helps the employee – work life balance.


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Currently about 25% of Dell’s staff telecommutes at least a few days a week. Michael Dell would like to see that number increased to 50% by the year 2020. Dell knows that working from home keeps its employees and their families happy. Additionally, by having so many employees working from home, at least part time, it is saving the company money by allowing them to consolidate office space.

Dell believes that by having employees that come into the office part time, they don’t need to have a permanent desk. When an employee knows they will be working in the office, they can schedule desk time. This ensures everyone has a place to set up and work, while they are in the office. Because employees have more freedom in choosing where they do their work, they are pleased with the arrangement.

By offering telecommuting to employees, Dell figures it has saved roughly 136 million commuter miles. This equates to saving about 35,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas, which is similar to taking about 7,4000 cars off the road. This definitely makes Dell’s telecommuting policy worthwhile to employees, the business and the environment.

Additionally, Dell has found that their telecommuting policy has not caused any issues with productivity. Dell’s HR Team feels that if anything, employees are able to get more work done by telecommuting.

Dell offers several employee incentives which include paid training, growth opportunities, mentoring and much more. Moreover, you will be eligible to have health benefits, a wellness program and an Employee Assistance Program, which includes stress management solutions, financial counseling, depression help and much more. The Employee Assistance Program is completely confidential, so you can get all of the help you need. The people at Dell want you to always be at your best, which is why they offer these great perks.


Xerox, a company that makes copy machines. Correct? Not any longer. Today Xerox covers a plethora of jobs that don’t have anything to do with copy machines. Some of these jobs include management of human resources, transportation services and even financial support, among others.

Xerox offers it’s employees the ability to these jobs, while working from home. Xerox has created a “hub and spoke” model as there are times when Xerox may ask their employees to go into the office for meetings or other occasions. The amount of time that you must spend in the office will depend on which job position you have been selected to fill.

While only about 11% of the Xerox staff actually telecommutes, it figures it saves about 40,890 metric tons of greenhouse gas each year. However, this company is adding more work at home jobs all of the time, so that number is expected to increase.

The work-at-home program at Xerox was originally designed to make employees happier. However, it has served to create a much happier workforce, while allowing the company to cut down on real-estate expenses as well. By having more people work from home, less desks and office spaces are needed, thereby cutting expenses.

Xerox offers a wide range of benefits to its employees. Along with health insurance and paid holidays, employees are also offered help with childcare and also eldercare. Additionally, this company offers life insurance and a savings program for retirement. Another great benefit is the Employee Assistance Program that Xerox offers to its employees. This will help you with counseling, financial topics and more personal issues you may have and this program is confidential. There are more advanced programs out there like Tecademics that help people build a work from home business right from their laptop.



Amazon has fast become a household name when talking about purchasing just about anything you can imagine. The reason the public loves Amazon is because not only do they offer a wide variety of goods, you can get them delivered in as little as one day.

While this company is based in Seattle Washington, it has offices all over the world, including the United Kingdom, China, Spain, France and Germany, just to name a few However, this ecommerce giant also offers several work-at-home positions. While the majority of work-at-home positions are customer service related, there are some tech jobs as well as some HR positions available as well.

This holiday season alone, Amazon plans to add up to 100,000 employees to its current staff. Many of these new employees will be added to the work-at-home section of the business dealing with development, hosting and other web issues. These positions will be both full-time and part time. Once the holidays are over, some of these employees will be offered permanent positions with the company.

Amazon is a Fortune 50 Company, meaning that is is one of the top 50 lucrative and progressive companies in the world. Along with having this prestige, you will be offered a competitive salary while working at Amazon. However, you will also receive discounts on products, insurance, a 401K plan and more.

Many companies that offer telecommuting options also provide employee benefits. However, when considering a telecommuting job, consider the amount of money you will save on gas and wear and tear on your car. But also take time to consider if working at home is right for you. If you are someone who enjoys being around other people and need to get out of the house in order to thrive, you may want to consider not looking for a work-at-home opportunity. Either way, consider all of your options before jumping into another job.

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