3 Most Stressful Careers & How Some Women Cope

stressful careers

Career stress is caused by a variety of factors, like night shifts, dangerous conditions, public scrutiny and tight deadlines, to mention a few. And some women endure the stress more frequently than others. The burdens of juggling children, parents and career add to the workplace stress experienced by professional women.

The list of most stressful jobs of 2016 by CareerCast revealed that the most stressful careers in the U.S. are the ones that put lives of staffers on the line day in and day out. Women with taxing careers have little control over their busy days, and sometimes take desperate measures to cope. Below is the list of 3 most stressful careers.

Event Coordinator

In event coordination and planning, female professionals don’t have the luxury of a second opportunity. Clients want it right the first time, so it should be executed well in the first attempt. There’s no turning back. The event coordinator’s shoulders bear tons of responsibility and there is always a chance of something going awry regardless of the amount of energy and effort they put into preparation. To cope with all that work-related stress, some women turn to substance abuse. They consider it an escape valve, assuming that they’ll stave off depression for just long enough.

event planner

However, substance abuse causes mental and physical problems in the long run, leading to greater stress. Treatment centers that provide rehab for women can help such professionals return to a healthy lifestyle so that they can feel engaged and fulfilled on both a professional and personal level. Because substance abuse can cause individuals to spiral until their careers unravel, the option of customized treatment is important for addicted females to restore their lives.

Air Hostess

Air hostesses are often caught up in irregular schedules, weekends and nights. A British Airways air hostess once revealed that working conditions inside the cabin are dire.  In some cases, it has driven cabin staff to nervous breakdowns, and even suicides. Staff often become jet-lagged and tired, sometimes to an extent that their immunity drops really low. They get depression, flu, stress, illness, you name it. Some even spend sleepless weeks because of different time zones.

To cope with stress, some air hostesses turn to alcoholism. The continuous availability of alcohol within and outside the cabin makes them vulnerable to addiction.  They search for a corner that keeps them away from the stresses of work. However, they damage their physical and mental health in the process, risking their own safety as well as the safety of passengers. Such professionals should receive treatment and skill-building training at rehab centers to overcome addictive habits.


Female firefighters top the list when it comes to having the most stressful career. They face an onslaught of continuous harrowing events and trauma. Suicide incidents, automobile blasts, collapsed buildings, and even attempts by terrorists bring adversity in their lives repeatedly. Also, horrific experiences become a part of their lives as they get exposed to intense human emotion on a daily basis. As a result, they sometimes develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Some traumatic events can cause them to engage in drug usage as they seek for a way to get the bad experiences out of their heads.

female firefighter

However, trauma combined with drug abuse has a negative impact on their careers. Some lose focus and therefore risk their own lives as well as the lives of citizens who get trapped in dramatic situations.

The good news is there are treatment facilities all over the country.  They can provide comprehensive care for females who suffered adult trauma. Firefighters, air hostesses, event coordinators, and others can benefit from such options to restore their professional focus.

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