3 Rules To Make Your Resume Irresistible!


Your resume is supposed to be the professional first impression.  And while in personal life, you get to move forward to make a second impression after a bad first one, professional lives aren’t the same.  Too many contenders and only a few fitting “dream jobs”.

With such an imbalance in the world, you get only 7 seconds to trump your competitors.  For that, you only need three things:

  • Great content (skills)
  • Precision (exact information without rambling)
  • Knowledge (Knowing about everything you have mentioned)

Here’s how you can incorporate these elements in your resume for making a powerful first impression.

Adding skills

Degrees and diplomas are what make up every CV in the world. You can be sure that any person applying for a job same as you will have comparable, if not the same, qualifications.

The only way to stand out of the crowd is to do something different. And here, it means to acquire skills that might help you in handling a broader aspect of your job.

In short, make you better.

Some of the highly-in-demand “extra” skills today are:

Digital marketing:

You might be associated with any department of a company; knowledge of digital marketing has become crucial. You either gain it over time with training and practice, or you come prepared.

In today’s customer-centric market, having the skills to engage with customers, and overall business is like catnip to recruiters.

Project management:

Project management or even team management is no more the simple tasks of delegating work, taking reports and reporting back.

It is much more complicated now with more sophisticated projects and remote work culture catching fire. Above everything, it requires a great deal of people skills.

When a complicated project starts, it becomes difficult to gather its progress at once. And a project manager bridges that gap by making strategies and structure that makes working seamless and error-proof.

Learning practical project management skills will give you an edge over other applicants. Not to mention, it will essentially light up the “leadership” part.


Yes, content IS the king! Everything you read that catches your eye, motivates you to take action, inspires you, compels you to buy something, is a skill. A skill that is driving traffic, making sales and growing businesses.

Knowing how to write formally can expand your horizons dramatically at a now job and earn you more opportunities.

Web development:

A website is essential for businesses. It gives a connection platform to every visitor and of course, for sales. Irrespective of whether your future employer is a B2B company or a B2C, developing, managing and maintaining a website will always be required.

To obtain these skills, all you need is to find a reliable online course and learn at your comfort. In fact, with collaborative learning platforms like Huddleboard and plenty of eLearning courses, you can become proficient with any skill before your next interview.

But merely mentioning an extra skill in your CV alone does not gain you brownie points from the selection panel. There is more.

Keeping it precise

Many a time, people get hopelessly muddled by their need to beautify their resume. They either end up making it graphically elaborate or simply pretentious.  However, using unnecessarily big words or turgid phrases to describe a simple thing never went down well in the history of writing.

So for your CV to shine bright like a diamond in front of your interviewer, write things as precisely as possible.  It will not only keep your resume clean and crisp but also make you appear much more reliable, mature and honest.

Having the right knowledge

There is knowledge, and then there is the RIGHT knowledge.  There are millions of things that we might be aware of from our day-to-day lives, even know about them in detail, but not everything goes in the CV.

The rule here is simple – Do not put EVERYTHING you know in your CV. Know about EVERYTHING that you put in your CV.

Remember, your resume is the one document you are giving your employer consensually for them to make a judgement about you. And unless your job is for a badminton coach, your knowledge about international badminton does not count. At the same time, the one time that one essay writing competition in school does not make you a writer.


Many people might apply for the same job as you do, what makes you different from them is the only thing you should think about.

All the best!

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