3 Simple Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

reduce stress at work

If you’re feeling stressed in the workplace, you aren’t alone. Employees in a wide variety of fields all around the country report feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed daily in the workplace. Unfortunately, workplace stress often does not stay in the office; many people find that work-related stress leads to negative feelings and poor mental health at home and in personal relationships. And in today’s mobile society, the all too common relocation, even with the help of professional help like Black Tie Moving,the stress can become unbearable.  Keep reading to learn a few simple tips for managing and reducing workplace stress.


If you work in an environment where you can communicate with your boss and other colleagues about things that are negatively affecting your experience in the office, doing so can be important for managing stress and improving your mental and emotional health. Opening up to people in the office about what is bothering you and how your work experience can be improved is the best way to alleviate feelings of stress while working toward solutions. 

Take PTO 

You are given paid time off for a reason, so don’t be afraid to take it! Many people find themselves feeling burnt off and, therefore, experiencing higher rates of stress and anxiety as a result of working too much. Whether you plan a luxurious vacation to another state (or even another country) or take a day off to spend time alone or with friends and family every few weeks, taking PTO as needed is essential to reduce stress and prevent feelings of burnout before they occur. 

Allow Yourself to Have Fun 

Break up the monotony of your workday by allowing yourself to have fun when possible. If you are stuck at a desk all day, try listening to your favorite music or to entertaining podcasts or audiobooks to help your day pass faster. Try walking around the block or heading to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop for lunch to help you spend some time outside the office, even if it’s just for a short period. Additionally, try inviting your coworkers to get food or drinks from a nearby bar after work; this will encourage bonding with coworkers and colleagues, improving the time you spend in the workplace and giving you something to look forward to during a long workday.

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