3 Skills You Should Learn to Become More Employable

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There are so many different career paths that you could choose to pursue after college depending on your areas of interest. However, getting employed isn’t always something that happens instantly. Aside from applying for jobs on a daily basis, there are other things you can do with your time. One of them is to gain or improve your skills so that you look more attractive to prospective employers.  You may be wondering what skills that employers look for in potential candidates and how you can develop such skills. You’re in luck as this article is going to look at three skills you should learn to become more employable.

Problem Solving

Most of the time, companies are looking for employees that can help them solve problems. For this reason, you should practice developing your problems solving skills and work on being solution-oriented. To develop problem-solving as a skill, try learning to do so in your everyday life. Employers want to be confident that you are able to change with the times and offer solutions when unforeseen circumstances and problems arise. Other ways to improve your problem-solving skills include playing logic puzzles and games and learning to be creative in your solutions. By doing so, you should find that you are much more attractive to employers.

Online Marketing

If you want to become more employable, one of the skills that you should learn is that of marketing. This is a skill that can be used in just about every industry as it helps create awareness about a brand and can ultimately improve sales. Some basics of marketing that you can add to your knowledge-base include learning how to work your way around social media beyond posting selfies, mastering the art of SEO as well as learning the fundamentals of e-mail marketing. You should also consider getting familiar with tools that can be used for online marketing such as Mailchimp email marketing, as well as resources to assist with social media campaigns, design and SEO research.


Strong communication is another skill that most employers are typically after. This is because effective communication is a core skill needed to work with a team of people, bring in new business, excel in your role and help an organization reach their goals. You should, therefore, look for ways to improve your written communication by writing more and reading more on how to improve your writing skills. In terms of your verbal communication, some ways that you can improve in that department include taking up opportunities to engage in public speaking, reading resources on effective communication, and practicing using the people around you.

Learning new skills while in the process of job hunting can help you feel more productive as well as boost your confidence. You should, therefore, identify key skills needed in your industry and see how you can spend time developing them so that you can become more valuable to employers. By doing so, you should find that the chances of you having the career you’ve always hoped for increases.