3 Things That Stop New Entrepreneurs From Succeeding in 2020


New businesses have their challenges. Most people never start one because they don’t know how to solve the problems. But entrepreneurs don’t have the answers all the time. They are comfortable not knowing the solution while doing everything in their power to solve it. Every year, 20 percent of businesses fail due to three limitations. If you learn how to manage these problems, your company will thrive.

You need to remember that there is help for new companies in many different areas. For example, if you are a new trucking company, Truckers Bookkeeping Service can really be a benefit to you with help in permitting, compliance, and fuel tax reporting services.  If you are a new clothing company, you might want to look into getting help with your website. With just a few clicks, you can read reviews and find a company that can create and maintain an eye-catching website.  So no matter what your business venture looks like, there are sources of help.  That said, here are three of the most common roadblocks to success faced by new entrepreneurs.

#1 You don’t have enough money

Most models require you to put money upfront. Although you can fund the business, competition can be the problem. What if you cannot invest as much as your big competitors? Limited funding is a barrier for many business owners. Apart from market demand, capital is the second reason businesses don’t make it.

Luckily, you can outwork competition without having deep pockets. We could use our creativity, time, and energy to create a better service. Both small and large companies have their pros and cons. For example, new business owners can offer better service. They care more about their customers and get them the best results. It applies to healthcare, accounting services, IT, and more.

#2 You have limited resources

Of course, you can be more creative, work harder, and be smarter. Depending on your niche, the amount of effort will change. But what if others have more workers? Can you beat a company with a better team? It sounds challenging, but it’s possible. Sometimes, big brands make mistakes that small companies can use in their favor. In any case, the best way to be the market leader is to improve your team.

What training could you create? What are the values of your company? There are countless strategies to win in business with a smaller team. You could create a side cash flow business to hire better professionals. After all, businesses scale when you invest in them. Big competitors may overlook small opportunities. As a new entrepreneur, the first step is to stay aware. That’s how small companies ended up leading the industry throughout history.

#3 Other sellers have better offers than you

The only difference between success and failure is product creation. It’s the ultimate weapon in business regardless of the company size or history. Then, what does it mean to have the best product? In business, market demand always changes. A client may have a problem one day, and have another preference another day. It’s about buyer psychology.

What’s the accurate way to research the market? You launch product versions as many times as you can. You test to gather enough data from client feedback. With this approach, you can adapt to the market needs and create the best solution. Luckily, big brands don’t have this advantage. Once they set order, it’s risky to try new ideas. They cannot test as much as a new owner.

When big competitors innovate, they put their existing model at risk. That’s why innovation is the key to success as a new entrepreneur. Although beginners have limitations, their growth potential is bigger. The larger a company is, the more complex their problems are. Innovation is an advantage in business. However, this approach is demanding. Innovation takes time and money. When you experiment, there is no guarantee of success.

In essence, any business owner can win by creating a superior product. Regardless of the niche, people prefer buying the best product to solve their problems. Remember that it must be better than any other option. If you sell a commodity, you won’t break even with a version that is 20 percent cheaper. Focus on the market need over market demand. Outstanding services offer ten times better features, not 50 percent.

Imagine if you entered a high-competition market. That means that many sellers are already solving the problem. If the clients have solved their problem, why would they care about other options? Small improvements aren’t enough to convince others. Remember, most businesses fail because there is no market need. Make your brand so different that you become the only viable solution. Customers will have no choice.

Another benefit of superior products is marketing. When clients enjoy your service, they will start referring to others. Wouldn’t it be amazing to run the company without having to advertise? Over time, small businesses have followed these tactics and have become large brands.