3 tips to buying life insurance even with a pre-existing condition

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A lot of people think that you will most likely get denied a life insurance when you have a pre-existing condition. While that is true to some instances, having a pre-existing condition such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes does not necessarily mean that everyone will deny you of a life insurance. This can be bothersome to a lot of people because even at a younger age, pre-existing conditions can be present. However, the process could be a little slower, but if you work with the right agent who knows how to find the best insurance company for you that offers the types of policies that suits your needs.

Here are three tips on buying a life insurance even with a pre-existing condition.

Do your research and be upfront about your condition.

It sounds very cliché but prior to doing anything life-changing, you should do an extensive research about it. Buying life insurance may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is important. If you have a pre-existing condition, be upfront about it to your agent so he or she can openly give out suggestions. Know what information you need and possible questions that would be asked about your health. You will also be asked some important documents such as diagnosis and letters explaining your health issues and prescription. Gather as much information as you can prior to contacting an agent,  When you  have one, the process will be much smoother and you already know what you need. Make sure to have all important paperwork come in handy so that when your agent already finds the perfect policy for you, the process will be faster.

Look for the best policy by getting quotes from multiple providers.

Do not limit your options to one or only a few insurance providers. Get a quote from multiple providers as you can and do your comparison. Find which ones offer the best policy that suits you. This is an important move especially for high-risk cases because these are reviewed differently by different insurance providers. Find the best provider that acknowledges your concern and answers all of your questions. This will allow you to compare each individual insurance provider through their service and not just with the prices. This way, you will know which is worth your money and time.

Determine the right policy for you.

With regards to pre-existing conditions especially on high-risk cases, you may have limited options on the kinds of life insurance policy you can apply for.  You may be required for a complete medical questionnaire, exams, and several prescription checks in order to qualify for a fully underwritten policy. However, a guaranteed policy doesn’t ask health questions or exams. That may sound great, but there would be a limit on the coverage you can buy and you will also pay higher. In such cases, these types of policies should be your last resort. Nevertheless, determine what is best for you so you will get the most out of the money you are investing it to.

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