3 Top Benefits Of A SideHustle As A Food Delivery Driver

food delivery

The food delivery industry is thriving, opening up plenty of opportunities for delivery drivers to earn some extra money.   And there are plenty of benefits to doing so, especially if you’re a student looking for flexibility to work around your studies or simply looking for an opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side.


The main benefit of working as a food delivery driver is that it offers flexible working hours. Many restaurants operate throughout the night, responding to the needs of its customers at all hours, so it requires delivery drivers to collect and deliver food at unsociable times. Many restaurants or delivery companies operate a flexible term agreement with its food delivery personnel. They can create their own work schedules, picking up extra shifts around their other daytime occupations and choose the time of day and number of hours they want to work. This is perfect for those who need the extra income of a second job, but it’s also useful for students as they can fit their food delivery around their studying schedule.

Getting out and about

Working as a food delivery driver means that you’re not stuck behind a desk for hours on end getting a sore backside, you’re out and about either collecting the food, driving using your navigating skills (or app) or delivering to the grateful, hungry customer. Even if you’re using a car, motorcycle or scooter to make the deliveries you are still moving around and staying active.

You can reduce any overheads by using a push bike, but if you intend to use your car, check your policy to see if the cover extends to the delivery of food. If not, Multiquotetime can help with a range of options, one that includes a pay as you use insurance model, perfect or students and the gig economy. 

Keeping the tips

As with many food services, tips are a big benefit of working as a food delivery driver. In addition to the hourly wage (plus a delivery wage in some cases), food delivery drivers also get to keep all of the tips that the customer gives them when they deliver the food. However, before you quit your day job, remember that this isn’t a guaranteed source of income. Although there are people who will be happy to offer tips there are some who don’t. And you can never be sure which kind of customer you’re going to be delivering to, so don’t rely on it.

What skills do I need?

Before you decide if working as a food delivery driver is the best part-time job for you, there are a few other things you should consider. You must have first-rate driving or cycling ability, depending on the mode of transport that you’ll use to deliver the food. All reputable food delivery services require a clean driving licence (if you’re driving) before they can offer you work. Plus, good road safety awareness and confidence is a must. You’ll be on the road for long periods, often at night in the dark and wet, or during rush hour, so you’ll need your wits about you to be safe on the road.

Good time-keeping is essential. Customers are expecting the food to be delivered promptly, while it’s still hot and edible. As a food delivery driver, you are responsible for meeting that expectation – the reputation of the restaurant could be at stake if you’re tardy.

Good route planning skills are also a desirable quality for a food delivery driver as you’ll be required to navigate streets that you’re unfamiliar with, although a route planning app will help. Finally, you are representing the restaurant or service you’re delivering for, and as such, good customer service skills are a must.


There is a little bit of legwork required in getting up and running as a food delivery driver. Firstly, you need to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and kept in tip-top condition. Then you’ll need to organise insurance so that you can protect yourself while on the roads.

If you are using your own car to deliver food, then you need to make sure that you have proper food delivery driver insurance, which is not the same as your standard car insurance policy. Food courier insurance protects you against the additional risks associated with food delivery services; working at night, long hours and excessive time-pressure on the drivers to deliver to the customer.

However,  delivery driver insurance doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Compare  delivery driver car insurance with a Utility Saving Expert and get the right coverage for you and your vehicle.

The thriving food delivery industry offers job opportunities with plenty of perks; flexibility, freedom from the confines of a desk job and the benefit of those very handy tips, which is perfect if you’re looking to make a little bit of cash on the side. Just make sure your vehicle is sound, and you are protected with the proper insurance, and you’ll be handing over those hot pizzas to the grateful customer in no time.