3 Ways to Promote your Freelance Business Offline

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The number one priority for a freelance business is to penetrate the highly competitive online market. The goal is to shape its offerings in a way that attracts online customers and informs them about the services.

The world of online marketing has given unprecedented opportunities to freelancers and has ensured that they can reach out to their potential market in a matter of minutes.

However, there are still opportunities present outside the online world. Freelancers often limit their promotion and marketing activities to the online world and fail to understand and overlook the opportunities present outside of it. It is extremely necessary to follow a marketing strategy, devised to target both online and offline markets.

Here are three ways to help you promote your freelance business offline. Follow the methods, and you’d be good to win over  more clients.

Use Business Cards

The first step to promote your business offline is to start distributing business cards among potential clients. While freelancers have gone online with their marketing, the usefulness of business cards in spreading information around cannot be neglected.

A business card usually entails useful information pertaining to email, phone number, office address, logo, and slogan. In a nutshell, it is your Business identity. Business Card is an extension of your personality, and it’s the most important instrument to make a good and lasting “first impression”. Now, if you carry your business card around, you can distribute it to all your contacts whilst promoting your brand in the process.  Plus, there are phone apps that let you easily collect and exchange business card information with others.

While the ultimate aim is to generate additional leads during networking, the promotion done for your brand by distributing business cards is unparalleled. Hence, there is all to gain and nothing to lose for freelance entrepreneurs. So, head to your desired printing services and get your business cards printed.  And download one of those apps!

Use Promotional Products

Free giveaways with promotional content on them get you leads where nothing else works. The benefit of offline marketing is that you can lure people over through the use of gifts and build relationships, generate leads and boost brand visibility.

Businesses often use occasions such as trade events, seminars and other such conferences to giveaway promotional products, but you can set a new trend by heading out to a mall or any other location for these giveaways.

Items like bags, drinkware, flash drives, and pens are a personal favorite for all businesses and are given away in bulk to maintain the interest of customers, and to serve as marketing material.

You could also go for some sticker printing service here to ensure that you have your logo and company name attached to those giveaways than don’t have your logo or contact information imprinted. Market your brand and services offline, through the use of this interesting and attractive method.

Create a Buzz

As viral as things go online, offline sources can also help you create a buzz around your brand. Either you can impress people through your services and create positive word of mouth, or you can work to ensure that you appear in newspapers and media with an inspiring story of your brand.

In a very competitive digital environment, it is important to promote your business both online and offline. Combining both approached will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.