4 Career Ideas Women Who Aren’t Shy

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Choosing a career path is a big decision and can make or break your happiness and general mood in life.  If you choose something that isn’t well suited for your personality type then you can feel out of sorts and in a slump. Therefore, it is crucial to choose something that is well suited for your character.

If you happen to have a personality which is outgoing and you like talking to people, then you are someone which is gifted with the ability to work a social job. If you enjoy people, can easily start conversations, and feel at ease working face to face, then take a look at some of these career paths which are well suited for you.

Wedding Planner

Planning weddings is something that a lot of people love doing.  Although it can be a lot of work putting together all of the preparations required for a wedding and helping the couple on the most important day of their lives, it is generally a joyful job.

A wedding planner’s job is to help the bride and groom take the necessary steps leading up to their wedding and relieve some of the pressure that comes along with the preparations.  It requires a compassionate and patient person.  You’ll have to be in contact with them quite a bit and may even form a friendship.


Bartenders see some of the best and worst of humanity.  If you are interested in human psychology but don’t want to have to get a degree, then this just might be the career path for you!

People can be a bit rowdy in this setting but in general, people are usually celebrating and in a good mood with their bartender.  This is also a job of tips so if you are personable and fun you are going to make that much more money from your customers.


A hairdresser not only gets to talk to people all day but usually about pretty intimate details of their lives.  When you are a hairdresser not only is the verbal interaction intimate but you also have to get up close and personal with your customers as you wash their hair, massage their scalps and get close.

If you genuinely enjoy conversation then this can be a great career path for you since you are talking all day with different kinds of people about a variety of subjects.


Working in retail means talking to people throughout the day about a variety of subjects. It is important to be able to converse with people naturally then ease into closing a sale without it seeming like you are trying to sell someone something.