4 Reasons to Take Up a Career in Optometry

career in optometry

One of the most valuable senses is your vision. That’s why checking your eyes regularly is highly recommended. If you always take extra care of your vision and want to help others with their vision concerns, you might want to pursue a career in optometry.

Optometry is both an excellent and rewarding career opportunity. As an optometrist, you’ll make a lasting and profound impact on the lives of your patients. The reason behind it is that this job does more than care for one’s eyes—it can also help you boost one’s quality of life.

Here are the reasons why a career in optometry is always a great idea:

Amazing Career Opportunities

One of the reasons why you should take up a career in optometry is that Doctors of Optometry are in demand. The need for this profession will continue to grow as the number of aging people increases. As a matter of fact, the demand for optometrists is higher than the typical job growth expected in other industries.

Other than the need, there are some things that pursuing a career in optometry can give you. One of these is that you can participate in interdisciplinary care with several healthcare providers. It also enables you to take part in holistic care through practicing primary optometry.

Specialties to Explore

Once you take up a career in optometry, you won’t just provide eye exams to your patients. Depending on your expertise, you may explore new treatments, cures, and diagnoses for diseases and eye conditions. Depending on your chosen path, you can also have an opportunity to teach the other generation of optometrists while you’re doing research or you prefer a stand-alone career.

Within the field of optometry, you also have an option of geriatric, pediatric, vision rehabilitation, contact lenses, disabilities, ocular disease, and some special populations. With each group, you can be assured that you’ll find a job in any setting from suburbs and cities to international and rural areas.

Various Modes of Practice

While most optometrists go into a group or solo private practice, there are various career options you can choose from once you pursue being an optometrist. You can choose to work in the following:

  • Research facility seeking to expand understanding on eye health and illnesses
  • Academic setting offering clinical mentorship or direct instruction to aspiring optometrists
  • Corporate, optical, or retail setting or in a professional setting that manages care with ophthalmologists
  • A community health center, hospital, medical center, and some healthcare settings

There is a wide variety of options available to you depending on your location, your preferences, and your career goals.

Better Job Satisfaction

Generally, most optometrists love their jobs because of their ability to make people’s lives better while still being able to enjoy a great work-life balance. As an optometrist, you can help improve people’s lives and see greater satisfaction once your patients put on the glasses for the first time. Moreover, the majority of optometrists can have a flexible work schedule based on their needs while getting minimal emergency vision care requests.

Other than the best salaries of optometrists, you can also enjoy these:

  • Get diverse opportunities for practice
  • Great relationships with patients
  • Experience immediate gratification from patients


If you’re still having second thoughts about taking up a career in optometry, research more about what an optometrist does and how you can earn a degree and license. At present, optometry is being offered in various institutions. Depending on your preferences, choose a university or college known in the field of optometry.