4 things to negotiate before accepting a job offer

job offer

We all know that amazing feeling when you get a call from a recruiter with a job offer, saying that you got that awesome job you’ve wanted so badly!

And exactly because of this excitement it’s easy to just say “yes” when you receive the job offer, even when you are not fully satisfied with the package offered.

The important thing to keep in mind is that salary is not the only thing you can negotiate. Most  companies have standardized packages they offer to all potential future employees that may not be aligned with what would make YOU happy, so it’s really up to you to ask for what you want.

Also remember that it’s easier for companies to add certain benefits to your package than to actually increase your payroll, so if you are not 100% satisfied with the offer, make sure you ask for additional benefits before finally saying “yes” to your future employer.

To help you think about additional perks that can make your life a lot better, take a look at these tips and get ready to negotiate the compensation you deserve!

Additional vacation days

This is one of the easiest things to ask for as it usually doesn’t cost employers as much as increasing your salary or stepping up some other benefits – and it can definitively make a big difference for your summer vacation plans!

A better job title

Job title is another example of an easy thing for the company to give to you that could have a big impact in your career.

Career experts say that your title should show not only the job you’re doing, but also the one you’re aspiring to do. If the title offered to you doesn’t really translate this aspiration, you can always ask for a new one.

To help you with ideas of the perfect job title for the role, take a look at the LinkedIn profile of colleagues you admire.  Once you find the one you feel is right for you, explain to the recruiter why this is a better suit and ask for it.

job offer

Opportunity to do professional-development courses

We all know nowadays it’s crucial to continue studying to keep up with what´s new in our industries. And the best and most competitive professional-development courses may be a heavy burden to your pocket but not so much to your company – and they’re often willing to add educational assistance to your package.

So if there is a course you’ve always dreamed about but couldn’t afford, ask the company to add that to your package.   Highlight how that will make you a better professional and increase the value you can bring to the company.

Flexible time

If you have a crazy commute or prefer to work outside the traditional 8-5 hours, asking for flexible time is definitely something to consider.

You can work from home two days a week, or start earlier in the morning to take a 2 hours lunch break, for example. The important thing is to ask for a flexible time that improves both your productivity and your quality of life.

Then explain to the company why this is best for you and for the business and be specific about what you ask (for example “I want to work from home two days a week”).

After they agree, make sure to include this in your contract so there won’t be any issues in the future.

 working at home

Stick to what you want!

Always remember that it takes a long time and a lot of money for a company to find a great candidate to fill a position. This means that by the time they made you an offer, they’ve already invested a lot in you and won’t want to easily throw that time and money away.

Also, good candidates are expected to negotiate their offers, since it shows you know how much you´re worth and also that you have good negotiation skills – something most companies want nowadays.

So whatever it is that you are asking for, remember that you have a lot to offer to the company and don’t back down from your requests!

And if you feel like giving up, one last reminder: an extra $5,000 doesn’t mean much to the company, but it means a lot to you!



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Tatiane Delamuta

Tatiane is a Brazilian marketer with an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and currently living in London. With over ten years of experience, she has managed brands and products in the consumer goods, retail and pharmaceutical sectors. Passionate about travelling, she is always planning her next trip – and driving her husband crazy with her intense sightseeing plans. You can follow her on twitter @tati_delamuta

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