4 Tips for Balancing Studying and Your Career


Have you signed up with a distance learning institution to complete your college degree? Many people decide to avoid the financial trap of a student loan and instead find their way into the workforce. Many people also choose to study-part-time and work full-time, and it’s possible to do both provided that you are well prepared to handle the workload of your studying.

Here are four tips for balancing studying and your career that you can use to plan your semester of part-time study before you start. If you adhere to the advice, then you should be able to achieve your goal of a degree, while keeping your boss happy.

#1 Focus on Your Priorities

Start with your priorities in every study session. What do you want to achieve with this study session? What is important and urgent and where do you need to be by the end of the session? Doing a quick audit of your past session and the forthcoming one will give you direction for the study period.

#2 Why You Need to Plan

Start your semester off right by planning every study session. Print out your calendar and mark down the time you will use to study your course material each day. Note your coursework and the due dates for your projects, essays, and term papers. Once you have an overview of the work you need to complete, plan your daily, weekly, and monthly study sessions.

Make sure that you do not plan study sessions on important days such as the birthdays of your friends and family, or a wedding that you might have to attend. By efficiently allocating your time over the course of your semester, you will know where you are and what to accomplish at any point.

#3 Study Effectively with the Pomodoro Principle

The Pomodoro technique can be used to increase your productivity while you study. This principle works on a system of interval study periods with rest periods in between. Start your study session and focus on getting as much done as possible in twenty-five minutes. Set a timer, or use a time management app to alert you at the end of the twenty-five-minute period. When the alarm goes off, take a short five-minute break before returning to the next session.

By using the Pomodoro technique, you keep your mind fresh and make the most of your focus and concentration before it begins to become distracted and inefficient.

#4 Get Help with Term Papers

Do you struggle with the English language? Writing is not for everyone, some people despise it and avoid it at all costs. This lack of writing ability can become problematic for new students as you will be required to turn in term papers, research, and essays during the semester.

Save yourself the time and trouble of trying to write your essays. Hire a professional writing service to give you the term paper help that you need to turn in outstanding papers. You can use the time you save with the term paper to advance your studying in other areas and make your time management more efficient. Delegate the task to the professionals and get on with other priorities.

The Final Word

Time is the most valuable asset that we have available to us. What we do with our time determines our character.