4 Tips if You’re Struggling to End a Toxic Relationship

Ending a toxic relationship is incredibly challenging for several reasons. Oftentimes, toxic relationships lower your self-esteem, zap you of precious energy, and cause you to feel perpetually confused and isolated. You’ve already looked into blacktiemoving.com to help you move your belongings from your partner’s house, but you haven’t fully committed to ending it yet.

This is entirely normal, but you’re stronger than you know – even if your partner has tried to tear you down. That’s why we’re here to help by offering X tips if you’re struggling to end a toxic relationship.

  1. Practice Self-Care

Over the course of a toxic relationship, it’s common to start neglecting self-care habits. Whether you’re facing verbal, emotional, or physical abuse – it makes it hard to make time for yourself. Your toxic partner may even discourage it completely, as they want you as vulnerable as possible. This is why one of the ways to help build up your courage and love of yourself again is to start practicing self-care. Engaging in self-care practices will help give you the confidence and respect for yourself needed to finally call it quits with your toxic partner once and for all.

  1. Avoid Thinking “What Was” or “What Could Be”

One of the main reasons that people stay in relationships that they know aren’t good for them is that they spend a lot of time thinking about how the relationship used to be or how it could be. This thought pattern is incredibly damaging and keeps people in toxic relationships for years. When you daydream about the past or what you want in the future, take yourself back to the present moment. How does your partner make you feel now?

  1. Learn to Love Yourself Again

Toxic partners are masters at breaking the spirit of those who love them the most. Sadly, this is the result of their insecurity and deeply rooted shame. Instead of facing their hatred for themselves, they project it outward. This is why it’s paramount that you learn how to love yourself again. You aren’t what your toxic partner says you are. You had an entire life before them, and while you may have had some issues – you knew how to love yourself. Practice mindfulness meditation, positive affirmation, and journaling to help build your self-love again.

  1. Create a List of What’s Wrong in the Relationship

Have you ever contemplated breaking up with your toxic partner, but then you start to think of the “good times” again? Maybe you and your partner even had a good day, so you second-guess if breaking up is the correct choice. This isn’t unusual, and it’s essential that you start writing a list of why you need to leave your partner. Keeping a list of what’s wrong in the relationship will help bring you back to reality when you get confused about where you stand.

Jackie LaMar

Beach lover. SoCal dweller. Life is never over unless you surrender. Keep going, the prize IS out there.