4 Tips to Get Started in a Digital Marketing Career in 2020

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The digital economy is outpacing the US GDP growth rate by 300%. Annual growth from 2005 to 2016 has the growth of the digital economy at 5.6%, and it has led to a major shift in the way that business is conducted.

One of the key changes we’ve seen is a rise in digital marketing.

Marketing is still key to the success of businesses, and it can be a lucrative career choice, too. If you’re getting started in digital marketing, these tips can help kickstart your digital marketing career in 2020.

Consider a Certification for Instant Credentials

Digital marketing certifications are not going to hold the weight of a degree or the same weight seen in the tech industry. But you’ll find that these certifications will teach you the basics of digital marketing that you can then build upon.

In the beginning, anything and everything matters when trying to get noticed.

A few certifications worth considering are:

  • Digital Marketing Institute
  • Simplilearn DMCA
  • Google AdWords Certification (bonus)
  • Google Analytics Certification (bonus)

You can also go to HubSpot and learn quite a bit about digital marketing. You need to be well-versed in all areas of digital marketing, so never stop learning.

Stay Updated – Digital Marketing is Evolving

Digital marketing’s evolution means that you need to continue learning. You should be subscribed to an array of informative sources, including:

And that’s just the start. Locate your own go-to resources to find the resources that best resonate with the way that you learn. It also goes without saying that you should be following industry leaders in the field on social media.

Networking Will Get You Hired

Network, network and network some more. You can use your network for:

  • Landing internships
  • Landing your first job or gig

You can network on social media and online, and don’t be afraid to document your journey on a blog. Industry events and conferences are a great place to get noticed, too. You’ll meet a lot of invaluable contacts when you go to industry events.

Since you’re new or just starting your career, you may be scared to go to one of these events.

Everyone is at these events to learn, so join in on the fun and see how many people you can network with at the event.

Gain Experience Through Nonprofits

Experience is going to be key if you’re trying to land your own clients or you’re looking to be employed at a marketing firm. Internships are a great way to gain experience, but you may need to do some work for free.

Non-profit organizations, which may be your local church or group, are a great place to start.

You’ll be working on their marketing to be able to show off what you learned. Document everything, especially how much traffic you have driven to their site. If you can increase their traffic in a meaningful way, you’ll have the experience needed to be hired.

Demand for digital marketers is going to continue to rise, and once you get your first viable experience, you’ll be able to grow your career much faster.