4 Top Tips for Looking After Your Skin This Winter

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With the winter season almost here dry skin is an issue that lots of people battle with during the colder weather. As the temperatures drop, this can have an effect on our skin, especially on our sensitive facial skin, which tends to get more exposure to the elements than anywhere else on our body. Even if you’re warmly wrapped up with a hat, scarf and gloves in addition to your winter coat, the cold air is still getting to your face, often causing dryness and irritation. In order to make sure that you remain comfortable and keep your skin in the best condition this winter, we’ve put together some handy tips.

Choosing a Good Moisturiser

When it comes to looking after your skin during the winter, having a good facial moisturiser is important. Since simply washing your face can dry it out and cause tightness and irritation, combatting this by using a cream that locks moisture into your skin and keeps it hydrated, plump, and smooth is more important in the winter than any other season. When choosing a moisturiser, making sure you opt for one that offers extra hydration, as it is the best choice for the colder weather. This is especially important if you already suffer from dry skin, as the winter weather will only make this worse.

Look After Your Lips

As one of the most sensitive places on your face, the soft and delicate skin on your lips can be one of the biggest victims of colder weather. Looking after your lips during the winter will help you to avoid issues such as cracked and chapped skin, dry lips, cold sores, and general irritation. Along with choosing a good facial cream or moisturiser such as those from Makari Products to protect your skin from the elements this winter, making sure that you have a good lip balm to apply regularly will also protect your lips and keep them soft and healthy.

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Use a Humidifier

It’s not just the cold air outside that can have an adverse effect on your skin during the winter – staying warm at home or work can also contribute to dry and chapped winter skin. Central heating systems and space heaters are often needed to keep us warm and comfortable throughout the day during the winter, but the dry, hot air that they blast throughout your home or office can wreak havoc with your skin. Investing in a humidifier can help you to avoid your skin drying out by helping to disperse the moisture in the air more evenly.

Avoid Over Treating

If your face is feeling particularly dry and tight this winter, avoid using too many products on it as this will strip it of moisture and leave you feeling even worse. Harsh masks, peels, and facial toners can all strip vital oils out of your skin. Opting for gentle, mild cleansers and soaps is the best way forward when it comes to keeping your skin clean and hydrated during the winter.

Winter weather can wreak havoc with your skin, but with the right products and routine, you can avoid common issues.

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