5 Beginner Tips to Get Started as a Marketing Influencer


The way that products are introduced and marketed to the public has changed thanks to social media. In the past, the vast majority of products sold to consumers would be marketed using celebrities and brands. This effort was intended to make the products more appealing because of the name recognition behind them. Now, many consumers seek out their favorite influencer to see what brands they should buy. It has never been a better time to become a marketing influencer. Here are some beginner tips to get started in this industry.

Find Your Niche

As a marketing influencer, you should find a niche to focus upon rather than trying to be knowledgeable about everything. A quick look at YouTube can help you see some of the possibilities that exist for you. For instance, the makeup niche of marketing influencers is very hot right now. You see them on YouTube and social media showing off their makeup skills and the brands they use.

Find Your Platform

Not only do you want to narrow down the niche you want to influence, but you should determine what platform you’ll use the majority of the time. Instagram is the most significant tool currently, but some marketing influencers are still using Facebook and YouTube. This specialization doesn’t mean that you need only to use one platform, but that you’ll want to focus the majority of your efforts on just one, especially when starting out.

Narrow Down Your Choice of Content

There are many different types of content that you can choose to get in touch with your audience. You’ll want to find what works for you. Your niche may help you find the right content. Videos and pictures are perfect for makeup influencers or other hands-on categories. Articles and videos can be great for influencers who offer product comparisons or provide some educational information. Make sure that the content you choose is something that displays you in the best light. For example, you won’t want to focus on videos if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

Check Out the Competition

It can be helpful to see what the competition in your niche is doing. What topics have they covered? What have they missed? You can identify what strengths they have as an influencer that you can try to put your spin on, and you can identify weaknesses that you’ll want to address. You don’t want to copy your competition but learn from them.

Optimize Your Influencer Campaign

The best weapon in your arsenal is your influencer marketing efforts. Getting a large number of followers that watch your videos, interact with you on social media, and purchase the products you mention will get you noticed by the brands you want. In the beginning, you’ll need to work to build your audience.

Following these five tips can help you get off on the right foot as a marketing influencer. Before long, you’ll be making your mark among your audience. Start building your follower base today.