5 Dental Trends Which Can Harm Your Teeth

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Celebrities are quick to embrace the latest and strangest trends in all areas, from fashion to health. This comes as no surprise, given the fact they are always in the spotlight. But some of the dental trends you see at Hollywood can actually harm your teeth instead of giving you a perfect, white smile.

Charcoal toothpaste

One of the latest cure-all remedies in the beauty industry is charcoal. More and more product containing activated charcoal promise to remove blemishes from your skin and stains from your teeth. Charcoal toothpaste is advertised as the ultimate whitening toothpaste, which can give you pearly whites in no time. The only problem is it can actually damage your teeth. According to America’s Top Dentists SohoSmile, charcoal is too abrasive and can actually remove the enamel from your teeth, making them sensitive to damaging agents.

Apple cider vinegar

Katy Perry swears by drinking apple cider vinegar before breakfast to lower your appetite and lose weight. While losing weight you might be also losing your teeth, according to dentists. Apple cider vinegar is an acid and it attacks tooth enamel. In time, it can make the enamel so soft that you will be brushing it away, without knowing, leaving your teeth exposed. On top of this, most people can’t cope with the taste of apple cider vinegar and rush to brush their teeth right after drinking it – resist this temptation if you do want to follow this weight loss recipe and wait at least one hour before brushing.

Juice cleanings

A restrictive diet can harm your teeth by lacking the minerals they need to be healthy, but juice cleanses are the most harmful diets for your smile. Considered to be the top of the detox diets, juicing leads to spikes in your insulin level, changing the natural body process of producing and retaining collagen. This weakens your gums, leading to a lot of problems for your teeth.

Another problem with juice cleanses is that they are very acid, which damages your tooth enamel. To avoid ruining your teeth while detoxing your body, make sure you only follow this diet for a couple of days.

Teeth jewelry

Teeth jewelry is another sure way to ruin your teeth while trying to look amazing. Tiny gems are glued to a tooth with glue, providing your smile with a sparkle. The jewelry is going to fall after a month, but even during this short period of time it can damage your teeth because the glue erodes the enamel. This can increase your risk of developing tooth decay or even an infection.

Oral piercings

Oral piercings are a bold fashion statement, but they can lead to a lot of oral health issues. Tongue or lip piercings can be a source of infection in your mouth. Tongue piercings often became a sort of toy, resulting in chipped teeth. The constant pressure of a lip or tongue piercing on a tooth can actually make it loose or make it move, creating an unwanted gap between your teeth.