5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids this Summer

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Summer is right around the corner and if you have children, that means they’re going to be home for several months before school starts again. For them, it’s a break, but for you, it means more work. To make the summer more fun for them and easier on you, here are some fun activities to do with your kids.

Cook some meals outside

Set aside some time to cook and eat outside, whether it’s lunch or dinner. Some kids really enjoy barbecued meals because it breaks the monotony of always eating at the kitchen table. Outside, kids have more freedom to run around while the food is cooking, and it’s just more exciting than waiting for dinner while being cooped up in the house.

When you cook burgers outside, create a burger bar so your kids can choose the toppings they want. You can also set up a sundae station with ice cream and tasty toppings for dessert.

To create a nice ambiance for your backyard meals, you can get an outdoor propane heater, a gazebo, and comfortable patio furniture. A fire pit is another nice addition to your backyard that will add some nice aesthetics to your outdoor meals.

Host movie nights in the backyard

Everyone loves movie nights, but they’re even better outdoors. The warmth of summer months makes outdoor movies more comfortable and people are more likely to watch the whole movie without heading back inside as it gets later.

The best way to host backyard movie nights is to get a projector for the movie, and use either a screen or a white sheet for the image. For seating, regular chairs work, but bean bags and comfy chairs are better. Kids will naturally be drawn to sitting on the floor, so they may even be happy with a mat or a pile of pillows and blankets.

Create a scavenger hunt

There are two ways to launch a scavenger hunt: in your house or out in the neighborhood. You can do both regardless of your child’s age, but you’ll obviously need to accompany your little ones if you extend your hunt into the neighborhood.

No matter how you arrange it, scavenger hunts can be really fun and kids get excited over the idea of finding the target objects before other people.

Another way to run a scavenger hunt is by having your kids (and their friends) take photos of specific things on a list. This will limit the hunt to your house and make it a little easier. For example, you can put things on the list like “a flower,” “a blade of grass,” “something blue,” and “something shiny.”

Plan activities for a sleepover

If your kids are going to have a sleepover at your place this summer, start planning some fun activities they’ll all enjoy together. For example, you might buy blank t-shirts and shoes and host a clothing decorating party in your garage. Or you can set up some games and snacks.

The activities you plan should be specific to the friend group’s interests, and even if some kids disagree on certain things, there will always be something they will agree on enjoying together.

Bake your own personal pizzas

Most kids love pizza and will enjoy making their own pie, especially when they get to eat it all themselves. To make this happen, get a package of premade pizza crust at the grocery store, some marinara sauce, pesto, or alfredo sauce, and go wild with toppings. Ask your kids what they want on their pizza, but get extra ingredients because they might want to try something new.

When it’s time to make the pizzas, have your kids build their own pizzas by adding whatever sauce or toppings they want. Then, start baking them in the oven. If you get personal pizzas, you can probably cook a few in the oven simultaneously so nobody will have to wait for everyone else or eat theirs cold.

Kids just want to have fun

If you’re short on ideas for activities, ask your kids what they would like to do with their free time. If they just want to read, write, paint, or play games, let them have that freedom to choose. However, get them outside at least once in a while to get some fresh air, sunshine, and adequate exercise.