5 Gratifying Career Paths to Consider after College

Finding a job that pays well and offers good job prospects is one thing. Finding a fulfilling career that fills you with a sense of purpose is another thing. Unfortunately, too many people decide to go for the check and neglect their genuine interests, abilities, and aspirations. Choosing a fulfilling career is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a truly successful career, not one based on financial gain alone. Here are five gratifying careers paths you should consider after college.


Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers paths you will find out there. It offers you the chance to interact directly with the people that are most in need. And what makes this profession so wonderful is the vast number of specializations available.

For instance, you could decide to become a family nurse practitioner. FNPs follow families through different stages and get a chance to build an actual and continuous personal relationship with their patients. This is in stark contrast with other areas where patients come and go and relationships are often superficial. With family nursing, you really feel like you’re making a difference and that you are part of the family in some way.

There are plenty of online FNP programs that are being recognized by major institutions nowadays. This furthers your options and allows you to balance work and life more comfortable by adjusting your courses to your work schedule and life responsibilities.

Special Education

Educators often come at the top of the list for rewarding jobs, but none have a position as rewarding as that of special education teacher. It takes a special kind of teacher to be able to teach kids with special needs. They need to have the compassion, patience, and altruistic nature it takes to work with students in need.

You might be asked to work with children with behavioral problems, physical disabilities, or learning deficits. In all cases, your job will encompass much more than being a mere teacher; you’ll be often be asked to play the role of a counselor in your functions as well.

The job prospects are very good for special education teachers, even though the median pay is somewhat modest. However, the sense of satisfaction you’ll get is well worth the pay.


Many of us have once dreamed of becoming a pilot at one point in our lives, but not many have actually decided to go through with it and choose it as a genuine career path. But, anybody with the skills and determination it takes could become a pilot with the proper formation. And there are also tons of positions available for pilots.

For instance, you could decide to become an airplane pilot if you want something simple with tons of fringe benefits. It’s also viewed as a glamorous position. You could decide to join the Airforce if you’re more of an adventurous type who doesn’t like routine.  You’ll get the chance to fly some of the fastest aircrafts known to man and perform tasks like working on search and rescue missions or delivering supplies in war zones.

You could even become a flight instructor or become an aerobatic pilot if that’s what you wish. The possibilities are almost endless.

Public Health

A career in public health can be a great choice for people who want to affect public health policies for the common good. A career in public health will allow you to directly affect the overall health of your community, and communities in need around the world as well.

Public health majors enjoy some of the best work security available and job prospects are looking very bright too. As a matter of fact, nearly half of the jobs with the highest growth percentage are in the public sector.

Social Work

If you’re a naturally empathetic person with good communication skills and want to make a positive change in the world around you, then social work might be a good choice.

Social work allows you to make a change at the individual’s level, as well as in your community. You’ll have the chance to refer people to the proper resources that can help them overcome financial issues or issues related to substance abuse or behavioral problems.

You’ll have the chance to work with ex-cons working towards rehabilitation or people stuck in abusive relationships. The area is very vast and gives you the chance to work in various settings, whether it’s a non-profit, a school, or a correctional facility.

Another reason why social work is sought after is because of the relatively short time it takes to get a diploma. You can get can started with a four-year undergraduate degree and get a master’s degree to start working in the public sector or any other career in social justice.


Choosing a fulfilling career is essential if you want your job to be more than just a job. A gratifying career will improve your overall quality of life and increase your chances of living a full and rewarding life.