5 Reasons To Head To Europe For Your Next Family Holiday

One thing all of us promise ourselves in college is a Eurotrip, and why wouldn’t any globetrotter want to miss a continent that can give you everything in a day, ranging from art, culture and heritage to museums, cafes and nightclubs! While cities like Paris, Venice, Brussels have always been popular among tourists, we have recently noticed a surge in packages for other undiscovered gems such as Tuscany Tour Packages.

Here are 5 reasons why you must visit Europe on your next family holiday:

The cuisine is oh-so-amazing!

Any talk of Europe brings to our mind images of Italian Margheritas and Gelatos, Belgian Lagers, German Bratwurst and French wine and cheese. While our home countries do a great job at replicating these specialties, enjoying them in the place where they actually originated is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Whether you want to dine at a Michelin star restaurant or grab a taco and a corn dog stick from a street vendor, cities like Madrid have everything.

The rich heritage

One can understand that Europe’s civilisation has existed for decades now, and the architecture stands as a living proof of that statement. Some of the cities are really old, with buildings dating back to approximately 2000 years. This is why many say that if you step out on the streets of Europe without a camera, you really do miss out on the chance of capturing something special.

It is convenient to get around

Whether you want to travel from one city to another or want to travel within a city, European countries have a splendid transportation system. In fact, nothing has fuelled the Eurotrip dream more than Europe’s train system, which is super affordable as well as quick. For instance, one can get from Madrid to Seville by train in under 3 hours while enjoying some stunning views outside their windows. Having a Schengen Visa makes it possible for tourists to travel throughout much of Europe with a single passport stamp.

It is a shopaholic’s paradise

Europe houses some of the most well-known fashion capitals of the world, which adds an extra dazzle to your shopping trips. Whether you want to indulge in high street shopping or shop from a budget, there are options galore on European streets. If you are planning a vacation during Christmas days, be prepared to find magic in the Christmas markets!


Culture and Europe are two words that are almost synonymous and no, we are not exaggerating! Europe is home to some of the finest museums, theatres and art galleries in the world. A lesser known fact that will leave you enthralled is that Italy has more masterpieces per square metre, than any other country in the world.

The above mentioned 5 reasons should be enough to convince you to book your tickets to Europe soon! One thing we know for sure is that nobody can have a dull time in the many beautiful cities of Europe such as Paris, Tuscany, Madrid or Seville.